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Just because the temperature outside is dropping doesn’t mean you can’t still feel a touch of Spring in your home. No matter what the time of year, flowers and plants can add life to your interiors. If you don’t know where to start in finding the right flowers for you, you could explore flowers for your birth month…

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January is the month of carnations and snowdrops. These are flowers of love and devotion. February‘s flowers are violets and primroses which represent modesty and virtue. If you were born in March, the daffodil or jonquil are your flower. These are representative of affection and sympathy. April brings the innocence and purity of the daisy and sweet pea. Lily of the Valley and Hawthorn are your flower for May. These are the flowers of fertility and hope. Love and devotion are the keywords for June. Your flowers are roses and honeysuckle. July is represented by larkspur and water lily for laughter and purity of heart. August brings the gladiolas and poppies. These express generosity and imagination. Show love and affection with September‘s flowers aster and morning glories. Bring joy and modesty with the calendula and cosmos of October. Those born in November are represented by the cheerful chrysanthemums. December rounds out the year with holly and narcissus. A fitting end to the year, as they represent good wishes.

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Whether you are arranging the bouquets yourself or exploring delivery options like florists sydney, there is always room for some fresh flowers and plants in your home. I hope this list gave you a great place to start! What is your favorite flower?

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