He has asked you to the prom. You have your hair and nail appointments made. You’ve been building a beautiful tan. You’re eating right to look your best. Now it’s time to pick out The Dress that will make you a star!

Find out what styles are current. You don’t want to look like everyone else, but it is important to know what is hot right now. Browse through magazines. Do some window shopping. Watch award shows and celebrity events to see what the stars are wearing… it’ll be what’s hot next. 

Consider your body type. Think about the features you want to accent and what you want to mask. If you have larger hips, create balance with an eye-catching top. If you are larger on top, keep the bodice simple and consider a lower-cut neckline. If you’re heavier overall, look for longer dresses to lengthen the body. If you’re petite, avoid big decorations and rock those short dresses. When in doubt, go a-line… it’s a style known for flattering all body types.

Flatter your skin tone. Black, white, and pink are classic prom dress colors, but there is a huge array of colors available so you can look your best. Don’t forget to consider your eye and hair colors, as well.

Get other opinions. Grab your parents, an opinionated friend, and that stylish aunt and find out which of your favorites they think suits you best. They can give you a fresh perspective in making a decision.

Be comfortable. You’re going to be in that dress for several hours. You’ll be sitting and standing and dancing. Make sure you choose a dress that you feel great and confident in!

Don’t forget your budget. You want a great look that doesn’t break the bank and those options are out there. Set a price and stick to it, but leave yourself a little wiggle room for the perfect dress. I personally love JenJenHouse for their stunning, unique dresses and amazing prices. Their choices leave you plenty of room for seeking out great accessories.

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