I have been bitten by the adult coloring book bug and I’m constantly on the hunt for quality… but budget-friendly… options to fill my creations with vibrant color. This set from Colourifique has 36 pens for under $10. That’s hard to beat!


The pens come in a variety of color styles including pastel, metallic, glitter, and neon. The pens are conveniently capped in a tip that very closely shows what the pen will look like on paper. They are all stored in a cylinder with these tips up, so you can quickly locate the color you want and not have pens jumbling about on your work space.


The majority of the pens wrote very smoothly and evenly. The basic colors gave me the most issue. I often had to start them on a scrap piece of paper before they would draw smoothly. At times they seems almost too fine-tipped for coloring, but this was nice in smaller spaces. The glitter pens flowed the most freely. They were my favorite to work with, because they filled spaces so easily and the colors are so vibrant and sparkly. The neon pens fell in between. They flowed almost as nicely as the glitter pens but they were hard to get started at each use.


I found the pens to be comfortable in my hand to use for extended times. The shaft of the pen has a bump out near the tip where it gets a bit larger and allows the pen to fit my hand well for both writing and drawing angles. The material of the pens do seem a bit flimsy, but none have broken. They’re actually better than I could have expected at this price point.


Overall a decent and large set of pens for those on a budget and I would recommend.

Pros: Great variety of colors and finishes. Vibrant when dry. Glitter colors flowed very well. Fine tips great for writing and fine coloring. Excellent price.

Cons: Took time to get some started. Flow was poor on several pens.

I received this at a discount in exchange for my opinion. As someone who relies on honest reviews to make purchases, I work hard to provide other consumers with a thorough, truthful, and unbiased opinion of my personal experiences.

Overall Rating


colourifique_packageTake your adult colouring books to the next level with Colourifique gel pens! Add amazing, vibrant colours to your doodles or Zentangles and embellish your scrapbook pages with some sparkle and glitz. The possibilities are endless with this 36 piece premium gel pen set. Each 36 piece set contains 12 glitter colours (1.0 mm point size); 10 metallic colours (1.0 mm point size); 6 neon (0.8mm point size) and 6 pastel colours (0.8mm point size) for you to choose from. This set even includes one standard black ink (.6mm point size) gel pen. ($8.95 on Amazon)

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