I remember playing in the rain all the time when I was a kid. I loved when we would get that perfect combination of hot weather, pouring rain, and no thunder. I could spend an hour just running around in circles or splashing in the puddles as they formed. There was a magic in those moments that I longed to share with my son.

Credit: https://pixabay.com/en/boots-splash-rain-puddle-fun-774533/#

I finally got my chance today. It was sunny and muggy here all day. There was no rain in the forecast. We were escaping the heat and lazing about in the house. Then I heard a familiar heavy patter of rain on the roof. I was a bit surprised because it was still sunny. Then I realized the magical moment had finally arrived.

I hurried to tell my son to get his sandals on and got my own on. We were out the door in moments. We laughed and splashed and chased each other around. We were soaked! It was as fun I remembered.

It only rained for about fifteen minutes, but I hope his memories of this day last as long as mine have.


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