We recently finally got around to getting our favorite wedding photo printed and it was bringing back memories of that day and all the hustle and bustle beforehand. It was both an exciting and a difficult time for myself and many of the bridal party. I had recently suffered a miscarriage, my mom had just been diagnosed with cancer, two of my bridal couples were dealing with big financial issues, and the other couple had recently divorced.

In all that wedding preparation, there was one day the girls and I gathered together and truly had a good time… the day we chose the bridesmaids’ dresses and my wedding dress! It was the day when I really first felt, “Oh my goodness! I’m really, truly getting married!” Up until this point, it had really felt a bit unreal. I also discovered I was a bit more “girly girl” than I had ever thought. Something about putting on a beautiful dress really changes your outlook. 🙂

I had three bridesmaids, but they represented a wide range of heights and weights, so we thought it was important to get an idea of what each of them would like and would be comfortable with wearing. It was so fun going through various websites and stores looking for dresses that suited the tastes of all three of my bridesmaids. I was amazed by the huge variety of stylish cheap bridesmaid dresses that were available. In following the tradition that bridesmaids buy their own wardrobe, my bridesmaids were quite happy too!

We sought out lightweight, chiffon dresses because it was summer. We also agreed early in the process that an a-line style would best compliment everyone’s bodies. I wanted them to be blue. My husband had proposed at a glacier in Alaska. We were surrounded by all of these amazing shades of blue and I wanted that to be a part of the wedding. We chose a darker shade to be more flattering.

In the end, all of my bridesmaids looked and felt beautiful! Two of them have actually worn their bridesmaid dresses again, so I think we chose well. I’m so glad they were there with us on our special day.


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