Finding Ourselves a Home

Ross got pre-approved today for the house loan. I told him he would be surprised how much they would approve him for, but even I was surprised how high they approved him for... about twice what I expected. Of course, we're still keeping our cost low and not pushing...

Late Night Homework, Moving My Sister & Mom’s Health

Image Source I was up late last night working on assignments. They aren't due for a month, but part of the assignments includes a comprehensive paper on what kind of opinions a specific foreign culture has about the United States. It will require a lot of research, so...

Apology & Stuff

I apologize for the early morning rant. I was a bit cranky, I guess. I just have certain members of the family that can get pretty frustrating. The weather is finally warming up here and I've had the windows open for a few hours every day. I'm wearing sweatshirts and...

Stinky Cigars & Cat Piss

Wow. I really haven't written in a long time. Its not that I've been too busy. I'm not any busier than usual. I just haven't felt like writing. I've been studying, enjoying the warmer weather, house-hunting with Ross, and just keeping occupied. Nothing really exciting...

My Sister’s New Place

I got to see my sister's new house this weekend. Its a very cool quad-level arrangement. You enter at the kitchen. If you go up a few steps you're in the living room. Up a few more and you're in the master suite. If you're back at the kitchen/ dining level and go down...

February Family Poker Night

Image Source We had our February family Poker party last night. It was also our friend Carol's 69th birthday, so we got to enjoy a very tasty collection of cakes and met some of the residents in her building. I played and ate responsibly, so I kept my money and weight...

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