A Day of Fun & Fire Safety With Our Local Fire Department

One of our local fire departments recently held their annual fire safety day. It's a great event in honor of a fallen firefighter. Its intention is to promote fire safety and showcase some great community programs while entertaining kids and adults. It's never too...

Frustrated, Because I Can’t Make It Better ~ An Update

It has been nearly a week since I wrote Frustrated, Because I Can’t Make It Better. When I last wrote, Xander was not able to walk and we had no answers... not even guesses, really. Prior to Friday's appointment, the pediatrician filling in for our usual had taken a...

Frustrated, Because I Can’t Make It Better

I'm feeling a bit baffled right now and maybe someone out there has some insight. It has to do with my son and a sore leg. On Sunday, I felt productive and did a bit of furniture rearranging in our living room. We have an awkward layout and I keep trying different...

{Throwback Thursday} Brain Freeze

Only throwing it back about a year here, but this is in my list of favorite photos. This is the first time he experienced a "slushie." He only got a few sips, but the looks he made while drinking them were so much fun. At the point I took this photo, he actually froze...

Back to the Real World

Well, Lord Tyrneathem has returned to work today after a ten day vacation. You may have noticed that things have been a  bit disheveled here in the land of the dragons. This is what happens when the husband is off work for any length of time... chaos. 😛 I always set...

{Throwback Thursday} Whattcha Lookin’ At?

My first time participating in Throwback Thursday. I have tons and tons of "old" photos, but this is still among my favorites. It was not long after we took Pandora home... seven-ish years ago. Lord Tyrneathem was looking at the sale ads on the kitchen counter and...

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