Traveling with kids can be tough enough, but things become even more challenging when you’re faced with a flight delay. A delayed flight can mean that all those activities you brought along for the kids are already used and have become boring by the time you get on your next flight, and kids limited patience can seem like it’s pushed to the limit.

Unfortunately, when you travel, delays can seem like a fact of life.

The following are some ways you can more effectively cope with flight delays when you’re traveling with kids.


Cover Yourself Financially

While the first tip might not have much to do with the kids, you can be a much friendlier parent if you know you’re covered financially when there’s a delay. Use a service that will automatically seek out flight delay compensation by looking at your itineraries and filing claims on your behalf.

You can have the peace of mind of knowing that as much as possible is being done to get you some level of compensation from the airline, so being aware of that level of protection might give you just a bit more willingness to be patient with your kids when you’re facing a delay.

Be Proactive

Of course, you can’t anticipate every delay, but in some cases, you might be aware a delay is a big possibility, for example, because of weather. You can do your research ahead of time so that you’re mentally prepared for the potential of a delay, and you can also then start researching alternate options that might be available to you.

You can look at different flights and lodging options if necessary.

When you’re in the airport, and you’re facing a delay if you already have alternate flights in mind, the airline staff is likely going to be a lot more willing to accommodate you. Some travelers will bring their laptop and show the options to the ticket counter attendant or someone in the airline’s lounge. You can even tweet the airline’s customer service.

Too often people are thinking that they’re not going to get the help they need during a delay, but if you ask you just might receive, so it’s definitely worth it in many cases.

Keep Chargers Handy

You may not like the idea of your kids being glued to an iPad under normal circumstances, but during a flight delay having that screen time can be a sanity saver. Just make sure you bring all of the device chargers in your carry-on bag.

In addition to those chargers, make sure you bring an extra set of clothing in your carry-on bag, not only in case you’re stranded overnight but also in cases of accidents or spills.

Finally, keep changing your scenery if you’re stuck in the airport. Just moving to a different part of the airport can go a long way toward keeping your kids entertained. Get on the train that travels around the airport, sit in a restaurant and order a snack, or visit the shops.

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