I had shopped with GroopDealz on a friend’s suggestion and enjoyed the experience, so it was a no-brainer when Groop Dealz offered me an opportunity to sample a few items in order to share my honest opinions here with you. 

I placed my order before Valentine’s Day, so I gravitated toward a beautiful and very on trend adjustable multi-strand bracelet from Cozy Threads Boutique. I was also focusing on getting Xander started on sight words and spelling out a few basic words as well as honing is number skills, so the Ice Cream Shop Sight Words and Math sets were a fun find. These three items, with shipping, totaled $25.94… a pretty great deal, in my opinion.

Groop Dealz provides you with an expected ship date for each item, but all three of my items arrived long before the expected time. They shipped out the same day as my order and arrived just a few days later. Both shipments arrived in mailer envelopes direct from the sellers. I liked that both provided a coupon code to save at their full store. It’s like getting two great deals in one! 


The bracelet was the first item to arrive. I was very impressed with the quality for a bracelet selling for $2.99. Even with the shipping bringing the cost to $5.98, it is still a great value. While shopping in department stores and the mall, I have come across similar bracelets selling from $15 to $50.  The metal pieces are all solid and eye-catching. The infinity symbol and hearts provide the perfect combination for Valentine’s Day. The leather straps are just the right shades of pink and white (in my opinion) to go with my growing collection of pink fashions as well as to bring some color to an otherwise drab outfit. I find it is of a quality that could easily sell at around $25. I would buy from Cozy Threads Boutique again… especially if they offer more great deals on GroopDealz!


The Ice Cream Shop kits arrived the next day. I hadn’t expected to find something like this on GroopDealz, because I’d thought they focused more on fashion and home. It’s really great to see such a variety of small businesses and boutiques being featured. Though I knew what it all included, I was still impressed with all the numbers, letters, and words found between the two kits. I love that Legacy included a bunch of blank designs that you can write on with dry erase. It leaves lots of room to expand the use beyond preschool or to use in other projects. The only issue was cutting all the pieces out. I still have a few blank pieces and some of the larger numbers waiting to be trimmed from their sheets, because it got a bit tedious. I would have paid triple to get the sets already cut!  The kit is a lot of fun for Xander to use and I will definitely be looking to Legacy for more supplies. The 15% off coupon they included with the kits will be put to good use. 

There are some really great deals. It is worth visiting the site daily, because there is always something new. I have come across everything from personalized wall hangings and jewelry to great fashion pieces and accessories. Women, men, home, tech, kids… it’s all there! If you want an item, I suggest acting fast because many items sell out quickly. I don’t necessarily see this as the negative it may sound like, because when something sells that fast you know it was a great deal!

The shipping was a little bit strange and expensive, in my opinion. I ordered three items from two different sellers and paid $2.99 shipping per item. If I had ordered more than one of an individual listing (like two bracelets), then the additional items would be shipped at a lower rate ($0.99). I felt $2.99 was a bit high for shipping the small bracelet. I’ve shipped similarly-sized packages for under $1.00. The two educational items were shipped from the same company, so I believe that the shipping should have reflected that… especially since they arrived together in the same package.

Pros: Great deals! Always something new. Many categories of items available… I’m always surprised by the variety. Quality items. Fast shipping.

Cons: The flat-rate shipping is pricey for some items.

Overall Rating


GroopDealz curates daily deal events for adventurous online shoppers who love the excitement of discovering new items every day from local sellers, boutiques and name brands.

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