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You’ve probably noticed that the majority of families opt to choose a staycation – aka a holiday in their own country, rather than jetting off abroad. The most common reason for this tends to be because there’s a common misconception that family vacations are incredibly expensive, making them unaffordable for many families.

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While family vacations can be expensive, that doesn’t mean that they have to be. The cost of a vacation is the direct result of how it’s planned. What this means is that if you’re smart about vacation planning and go about it in the right way, a family trip abroad doesn’t have to leave your bank balance in the negative.

Want to know how to plan an affordable family vacation? Then have a read of this and take the below tips on board.

Book in Advance

When it comes to saving money on the cost of a vacation abroad, the most important thing is to book in advance. Because the earlier you book, the more savings you will make. This is the time of year when most people are thinking about booking their vacations for next summer. However, if you want to get the best deals, consider looking at 2018 holiday destinations instead. Honestly, the earlier you book, the better – even if it’s two years in advance that you’re booking your trip.

Opt to Go Self-Catered (or All-Inclusive)

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In terms of the type of accommodation that you opt for, if you want to keep the cost low, your best option is probably to go self-catered. Because that way, you can make your own meals each night, saving money on the cost of eating out. However, that being said, you may find that booking accommodation that is all-inclusive – aka it includes the cost of your food and drink, saves you money. So, before you pick your accommodation, this is something that’s worth looking into.

Book Outings or Excursions Beforehand

To save money on the cost of visiting all the most popular sights and attractions, it’s a good idea to book them beforehand. Whether you plan on getting to and from them yourself or would prefer to book excursions, that doesn’t matter. Either way, it’s important to look into what’s on offer beforehand, so that you can book the tickets in advance. By doing so, you should be able to make some savings on the cost of tickets to various sights and attractions, as well as for excursions. Normally, a 20 percent discount is offered for early booking or something around that amount.

Stay Where the Action Is

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The last thing you want is to have to take a bus, train or take a taxi to get anywhere, as not only is this time-consuming but it can also be costly. So, aim to pick a vacation location that is in a town or city, so that you’re close to where all the action is. That way you should be able to walk into the town and have plenty to see and do. Not having to travel far to do activities will cut the cost of your trip significantly.

So there you have it, proof that a family vacation abroad doesn’t have to break the bank.

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