The more knowledge you have, the more powerful you are. This is true in all areas of life, including dentistry. If you believe untruths about how to care for your teeth, you may be harming your choppers as well as your health. Don’t fall for these 4 dental myths.

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Myth: Bleeding Gums Mean You’re Brushing Too Hard

If your gums bleed when you brush your teeth, you may have been told that you are brushing your teeth way too hard. Because of this myth, you may avoid touching your gums with the bristles of your toothbrush, which is the wrong thing to do.

Truth: Bleeding Gums Are Often a Sign of Inflammation

The truth is that brushing your teeth and gums is a wise move, because your toothbrush strokes help get rid of plaque and decaying food that lead to gingivitis and gum disease. When your gums bleed, this is usually a sign of inflammation. Schedule an appointment with your dentist.

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Myth: Sugar Causes Cavities

The myth is that if you are a candy-lover and sugar addict, you are going to have more cavities than a person who avoids sweets, because sugar alone causes cavities.

Truth: It’s Not the Sugar That Causes Cavities

While devouring mass quantities of candy and sugar can be bad for your waistline and teeth if you fail to brush, it’s not just the sweet treats that cause cavities. It’s poor dental hygiene. Tooth decay occurs when sugar, bacteria, and acid are combined. A person who avoids sugar can still get cavities if he or she doesn’t brush and floss regularly.

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Myth: An Aspirin Next to a Sore Tooth Will Stop the Pain

The myth is that if you have a toothache, you should place a whole aspirin on the gum or tooth itself to get rid of the pain.

Truth: Pain Relievers Must Enter Bloodstream

The truth is that pain relievers such as aspirin must be swallowed in order to enter the bloodstream and alleviate pain. There may be temporary relief because of the small amount of aspirin that is absorbed through the gums, but nothing substantial. If you have a toothache, go to your dentist to find out why.

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Myth: White Teeth Are Healthier

The myth is that the whiter your teeth are, the healthier they are.

Truth: White Tooth Enamel Doesn’t Equal Health

White teeth may have multiple cavities and yellow teeth may be stained, but cavity-free. Only your dentist can give your incisors, bicuspids, and molars a clean bill of health after a dental examination.

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The better you take care of your teeth and gums, the healthier they will be and the more attractive your smile will be. That’s the truth!

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