Easy Ways to Introduce Metals to Your Home’s Décor

Metal finishes have become extremely popular in the interior design world. If you look through an interior decorating magazine or watch some type of decorating or remodeling show on TV, you notice that metals tend to be the focal point of rooms. However, if you are like most, you love the look, but you are not quite sure how to introduce these elements to your home. Some assume that all metal pieces need to match, but this is definitely not the case. Diversity is best. When you mix-and-match metals and stop trying to achieve a perfect look, you end up with a space that is unique, edgy, and full of personality.


One of the easiest ways to add metal to your door is with lighting. Modern silver pendant lights get suspended over the breakfast bar while a classic gold-finished chandelier hangs above the dining room table. Brushed nickel track lighting is perfect for the kitchen and bathroom. Of course lamps are always an option for any room in the home.


Wrought iron has exploded in popularity again recently, and is always lovely in the bedroom. Wrought iron and glass tables can go in the living room and wrought iron bar stools can be placed at your breakfast bar.

Refinish old furniture with bronze, silver, or gold paint, or add small metallic details using stenciling techniques. Never pass up an old piece of furniture at a garage sale or flea market because these items are perfect for these projects.


Here is where you really get to have fun. Metal is ideal as a focal point, but it is not always easy to create a focal point with it. Wall-mounted fountains are your best option because they naturally become the focus of a room, so if you have a slate fountain trimmed in copper then the copper will definitely receive a lot of attention. Stores like Luxe Water Walls have a lot of wall-mounted fountains with metal trims to choose from.

Nickel or chrome faucets, metal-finished mirrors and picture frames, candle holders, serving platters, and tea sets are easy ways to add metal accents. Even the handles on your cupboards can be replaced with metal finishes. From the door knocker on your front door to the fruit bowl holding apples on your table, there are endless opportunities to add metal finishes to your space.

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