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Company Bio: Conscious Box helps you discover healthier choices. Our personalized subscription service lets you sample the best natural, non-GMO products, every month. Find something you like? Pick up full-size favorites at deep discounts. It’s that simple. Conscious Box makes living healthy easier than ever.

Product Details: Start replacing the products in your life with healthier choices. Every month, Conscious Box scours the globe for natural, non-GMO products, like delicious snacks, lush cosmetics and non-toxic cleaners. Then they box them up and send them to you. It’s an easy way to discover new favorites, and start living a healthier, more “conscious” life. Also available in Vegan and Gluten Free.

MSRP: $6.96 to $19.95 a month depending on box size chosen and subscription length.

Personal Experience: I know that it is not always a major focus here on my blog, but I love to seek out healthy, eco-friendly, and vegan-friendly products whenever possible. It can be a tough market to navigate, so I look forward to working with a company like Conscious Box. They take the guesswork out of the equation and send out a box full of approved goodies every month. It’s a convenient way to try companies you were curious about and discover ones you may not have heard about.

I am two months into my three month subscription and I can’t wait to see what comes in month three. Take a peek at what I received the first two months…

Quick Note: The wet spot you see on the November box is from rain. Our lovely mail carrier tried to shove the box into the mailbox when it clearly didn’t fit, so it was hanging out into the rain until I got to it. None of the products inside were damaged.

As you can see, I received the “Plus” box which contains more variety and more full-size samples. Everything in every box is all natural and GMO-free. All of the products I received were also safe for my vegetarian lifestyle, which I thought was pretty cool. I loved the timeliness of each box. You could really see that thoughtfulness in items like the Oscillococcinum for battling the flu and the Drinkwel which would be great for New Year’s Eve hangover prevention. ;) Not only do they choose great companies, but the box suits the month.


There was a great variety of products in both monthly boxes. It was a bit of everything. In my two months, I got to sample new foods, drinks, supplements, and lotions. I even discovered new products that I went out and bought more of, like the Zevia soda. (That soda was a big surprise to me, because I’d heard some negatives over “natural” sodas.) I had a chance to try almond butter for the first time, too. I had always wanted to try it, but had been afraid a jar would go to waste if I didn’t like it. We like it! We liked almost everything in both boxes. There were a few misses… I still can’t acquire a taste for wheat grass and never enjoy sesame pretzels… but less than I typically see with subscription boxes.

It would have been nice to see larger samples of some items. It’s really hard to get to know a supplement product, in particular, with just a single dose. It also would be great to see more coupons for the products in the package. There were many coupons and discount cards, but they were mostly unrelated to what was in the box and several in December were repeats from the month before.

I love that you can earn points for rating items, which can then be used to get discounts on full-size packages of the items you loved. This feedback also allows the company to make improvements to their products and could mean an even better box in the future! Through it all, you are supporting ethical and eco-friendly companies.

Overall, this is one of the few subscription boxes that I would actually like to continue a subscription with. It found it of value to me and it truly did introduce me to new products that we now use.

Pros: Great selection of eco-friendly and ethical products. System for getting discounts on the items you enjoyed. One of the few boxes I would personally subscribe to again!

Cons: You get a great selection for your money, but I wish the samples were larger… especially in the costlier box.

Overall Rating


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  1. I agree with you that the samples coukd be bigger and more coupons. Also coupons not set to expire almost immediately. Also the repeats of many products brings down the value, unless you love those products.

    I guess I’m already living green and consciously as I already knew about most if the products I was interested in. Funny enough, the products ai was unfamilar with were poorly represented with one sample and no repeats. No coupon or a one sheet. It felt a little vague.

    I got the Gluten free box and they had ingredients made from corn which is the cheapest replacement grain that I am aware of, it would be nice if they possibly diversified.

    Worse yet, the box was a gift out of the blue from my mom. I wasn’t sure how many I was supposed to get and they kept coming! I had to find creative ways to dispose of the treats I could not eat. Fast forward, apparently after the third box, mom was supposed to cancel, which obviously I didn’t know as there was no indication inside of the box of the companys policies.

    Conscious box takes their policies very seriously, and getting good customer service is difficult unless you really love copy and pasted emails saying that they are not authorized to refund for anything that has left the warehouse. They have no phone, they are not at the warehouse where my boxes were shipped from, none of their representatives had last names and they have a D minus rating with the Better Business Bureau. All of this made me highly suspicious.

    We had some exchanges which didn’t work out so well. Someone finally called me and he sounded a bit robotic himself. One thing he said was that the Living Social special mom had purchased was against policy as a gift. If that really were the case, why was the box shipped to me?
    Living Social refunded immediately, even tho we didn’t ask them to and Conscious Box refunded only what they had not shipped. They got over on mom about $70, which is ridiculous in my opinion for products I was forced to give away or they were cluttering up my home. Had I returned the boxes, they wouldn’t have even known as there was no forwarding order after 3 months.

    This company claims to be a small biz, but they are backed by $400,000 venture capitalists called Birchmere. Also their CEO Patrick Kelly states on social networking that “auto subscription” has raised their revenue x6. Scam or legit, you can decide now. I give no stars.

    They say they will make changes after speaking to me now, but that doesn’t feel like they are really so conscious does it?

    • Thank you for your comment. It’s great to hear the flipside of the coin. I’m sorry to hear that the subscription didn’t work out for you. During my time with them I didn’t receive repeats (other than a few coupons) and I discovered new products. I very much enjoyed it, but I’m really just stepping into the market a bit deeper than what’s available on my local store shelf. I didn’t get the Gluten-free boxes… perhaps my experience would have been different then.

  2. I got the Conscious box one time so far (I have a 3-month subscription for the plus sized box) and almost all of the items I received were the free sample sizes you might get at Whole Foods on a saturday. I got the vegan one and there was a product in there containing honey. I don’t know if what I got was indicative of the normal selection but I didn’t find it to be of value for the cost.

    As a side note:
    It’s not marked on the box, but Oscillococcinum is not vegetarian. Unfortunately, it’s made from duck. I found out a couple of years ago after using it for a long time. :(

    • I’ve had a bit of experience with a variety of subscription boxes and I found this one to be one of the best in value for what you get, but a great deal could depend on availability and cost of these types of items where you live. I usually have to ship in or special order items like those in Conscious Box, so for me it was of value. I completely understand that this won’t be the case for everyone. I am very curious to see what the third month brings.

      I do thank you for the side note on the Oscillococcinum. It can be tricky catching those non-vegetarian ingredients.


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