Discriminating shoppers in Montgomery County, Maryland say that Downtown Silver Springs is a dynamic shopper’s paradise. With so many retail shops to choose from, shoppers of all ages can find what they want here.

For instance, it’s possible to go to the bank, purchase fine wines, buy organic food, take in a movie, grab refreshments, and order locally crafted blinds, shutters and shades in one location. Next Day Blinds is a Jessup, Maryland-based custom window coverings retailer that services the greater Washington-Baltimore area.

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Montgomery County Craftsmanship

Many Montgomery County residents want to support local craftsmanship when they think of redecorating or updating a single room or entire home. According to the Montgomery County, Maryland Recreation Department, people who live here want to distinguish their homes with unique details.

Today, residents are particularly concerned about protecting natural resources and energy. Purchasing custom window coverings helps to keep homes cool in summer and warm in winter.

The Department of Energy (DOE) says that window blinds — both vertical and horizontal types and certain shades — effectively reduce summer heat gains. Blinds help families and businesses save energy and money on expensive summer air conditioning and cooling.

Interior Blinds

Interior blinds usually have many openings between each slat, so it’s more difficult to reduce heat loss in the winter months. However, the same slat design offers greater summer flexibility. Unlike a shade window cover, slat designs control both ventilation and light in the room.

For instance, by completely closing and lowering slat blinds on a sun-filled window, the highly reflective nature of slat blinds reduces heat gain by approximately 45 percent. Slat blinds may be adjusted to reflect and/or block direct light from the sun onto the room ceiling. If the ceiling is painted in a light color, it will also diffuse light and reduce both heat and glare.

Exterior Blinds

Exterior blinds, also known as roller blinds, are frequently made of vinyl, wood, aluminum, or steel. The blinds are mounted above the upper window edge. Side channels are installed to glide the exterior blinds when they are raised or lowered.

Lowering exterior blinds provide shade as the slats mesh and meet. If the exterior blinds are partially raised, air and light may enter the window as desired.


Window shades are simple and effective energy-saving window treatments. DOE recommends mounting shades as closely to the window glass as possible. The sides of each shade should be close to the wall in order to create a sealed air pocket. Shades should be lowered on windows that receive direct sunlight in summer. In comparison, shades on the southern side of the home or business should be pulled up on winter days and lowered at night.

Dual shades establish even greater efficiency. A white, highly reflective side and dark, heat absorbing side can be switched according to the season. The shade’s reflective side should face warmth. It should face outward during spring and summer months and inward during the colder autumn and winter months. Shades should be drawn during cold winter days to retain heat.

Quilted roller shades or certain types of Roman shades offer multiple layers of insulating fibers and sealed edges. These shade designs create insulation and an air barrier. They are able to control air flows better than other types of soft window treatments. Next Day Blinds also offers a vast selection of shades such as pleated, honeycomb, soft roman, and more.

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