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Now that it is certainly winter, and the temperatures are becoming more glacial by the day, you should be turning your thoughts to your summer home and how you are going to renovate it for the coming season.

For many people, their summer house is a retreat from day to day life. It offers a route to calm, a place to relax under a warm sun, preferably in a hammock with a good book. It might also be an investment opportunity and perhaps you rent it out to holiday makers while you aren’t there.


Whatever you use your summer house for, as the snow falls, dream of your summer home and how it will be revitalized for 2018.


The furniture in any home is important but the summer home has its own style of furniture. It is lighter, airier and just feels like summer. Even when your usual style is made up of bold colors and designs, the summer home requires more traditional, neutral furniture, blending into a neutral interior design.

If you can, buy some pieces locally to support local businesses as well as establish your summer home as a part of the community. Having small references like this settles any house, but it also reminds you that this is your retreat and you have come here specifically to relax.

Spring Cleaning

The spring clean is the most important clean you can do in the year and it is your opportunity to achieve real perfection in your home – even if it only lasts a few days before the kids spill something! There are all sorts of spring cleaning tips about, but the best ones understand that you aren’t just a cleaner and a day or two is probably as long as you will get to work your magic.

The most important things are giving the carpets a deep clean and ensuring that the oven is sparkling. Getting a professional in to do the carpets is probably worth your money as they will be able to provide a fantastic finish and save you the effort of hiring a machine and getting all the cleaning fluids. The oven is an easier job, just use a leave on oven cleaner and go around the rest of your kitchen while you wait for it to act. Then just wipe away the dirt and you are all set.

Fresh Finishes

Over the years, your paint will gradually lose the perfect finish it had when you first put it on. And, once the house has new furniture and had a good spring clean, this will be even more obvious! Luckily paint is very cheap and you can achieve a nice finish on your own. All you need is a set of rollers and you’re away.

Whether you are renting your summer home out or just here for the season, planning ahead now will help you to prepare everything you need to do, start saving for the more expensive things and give you something warm to dream of as the snow falls.

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