Revelae Kids gave us the opportunity to choose one of their Discovery Boxes to try in our home. Xander has a lot of interests like many five-year-old boys, so it was hard to pin down which one he wanted to try. In the end, I think it was his new obsession with the color blue that made him finally choose the awesome Ocean Exploration Discovery Box.

I love that the box started out with a little bit of a science experiment. We got to grow our own water beads. It was my first time experiencing water beads and now I kind of want some to play with myself. It was so exciting to watch them grow and they have the most amazing slippery sensation. They just beg to be touched… great for sensory play… which encouraged us all to dive in and hunt for ocean-y treasures!

There is a big selection of items to hunt for. The kit includes a variety of ocean creatures, shells, and gems. There are even a few plants to decorate your “ocean.” A magnifier and special scoop give you the tools you need to dig in. The treasures are all solid quality pieces that will last through a lot of play. The magnifier is a pretty typical children’s toy quality. The scoop seemed really well made, but Xander managed to break it after only a week and I don’t feel he was being too rough with it. It came separated at the join and I can’t get it to snap back together.

As much as we all loved the way the beads felt, my only issue was the water beads. Once they are done growing they get very bouncy. This means that they easily end up everywhere if your child gets a bit vigourous with their exploration. This made them very tempting to our cats… particularly the one who has already cost us several thousand in emergency veterinary costs due to her penchant for non-food items. 😛 (You can see below how intently she likes to watch.) It also meant that I’ve been finding the beads in rooms where Xander has not even played with them. If you have children under three or pets, I recommend letting your child play with their kit in a tub or pool to keep the beads contained or keep a very close eye on them.

Overall, it has been even more fun than I expected. It’s amazing how busy this will keep Xander on a rainy day! I also think it’s a really good value. Out of curiosity, I looked at the cost of creating a similar kit by myself and found I would pay about double for the supplies.

Pros: Complete kit with lots to find and fun tools to hunt treasures with. Water beads are so satisfying to handle! Bright colors. Quality treasures to find. Everything stores in the included container.

Cons: Those water beads are bouncy and end up everywhere. Scoop broke quickly.

I received this product free or discounted in the hopes that I would share my opinions. As someone who relies on honest reviews to make purchases, I work hard to provide other consumers with a thorough, truthful, and unbiased opinion of my personal experiences.

Overall Rating

 Revelae Kids offers innovative snack time and playtime solutions that encourage healthy lifestyles for active kids.

Their fun sensory Ocean Exploration Discovery Box will introduce kids to a magical world of realistic-looking sea creatures, sparkling gems and crystals, and colorful shells and ocean plants. Kids will enjoy hours of imaginative play; scooping, collecting, and sorting the hidden treasures within the box. Figures and accents may vary per box. Recommended for ages 3+ due to small pieces. ($40)

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