Lavender essential oil is probably one of the most well-known and most-used. It seemed a natural start for my foray into the medicinal uses of essential oil.


My main interest in the lavender oil was it’s therapeutic uses for skin concerns… primarily our son’s eczema. I used a recipe for a homemade lotion that involved drops of lavender essential oil mixed with coconut oil (also known for its skin relief properties) and I saw very little effect in healing but it did soften the skin. I use it on my dry heels with good results. I used both a solid organic coconut oil and a fractionated coconut oil to see if either worked better than the other and I would say it worked best for this purpose when paired with the solid.


I did find the essential oil most effective in aromatherapy use. It is working wonderfully with my wool dryer balls. (Place them inside a pillowcase to avoid distributing the oil.) I’m able to scent our bedding with lavender. My husband and I have been falling asleep more quickly, sleeping more deeply, and waking more refreshed. My son is too young to truly tell us how he’s sleeping, but he is now waking on time without the usual grumbling.

I’m also scenting my home office with a lovely mixture of this lavender and their peppermint essential oil blended with a carrier oil and placed in a warmer. The combination is leaving me relaxed and productive… a winning combination! It has been great for the nasal congestion that comes with Spring’s arrival, too.


When a headache came on, I used suggestions from reviews I had read and applied a drop of the lavender essential oil to the back of my neck. I was quite literally relieved to discover it worked and I didn’t need to resort to aspirin. It’s definitely a great addition to the medicine cabinet for this use alone! I also look forward to trying the suggestions in the ebook to make a mosquito deterrent and sunburn reliever. They even include a recipe for aromatherapy play dough!

I did learn that one sign of quality is if the essential oil is ingestible. This oil is not for internal use. You shouldn’t take any essential oil internally unless you truly know what you’re doing, but this is one benchmark for determining quality. The scent is initially quite strong, but faded pretty quickly in some cases. I did expect some fading when using it in the oil warmer, because heating oils evaporates them. It actually became stronger in the coconut oil lotion I mentioned above.

Overall, I would say that this has been a great way for me to start in my deeper exploration of the use of essential oils. I would buy again.

I received this lavender essential at a deep discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Pros: Effective aromatherapy oil. Strong scent. Built-in dropper. Free ebook on how to use. Dark amber bottle.

Cons: Scent didn’t seem to last long in some uses. Not ingestible.

Overall Rating


100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Lavender Essential Oil. Lavender Angustifolia is one of nature’s champions for relieving stress and promoting happiness! ($52.99; Buy on Amazon for $18.77)

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