It’s important that we take a moment to step aside from the story of our dear Bang family to introduce you to one of their neighbors. She will soon become very important in the story of the Bangs, but she has a story of her very own to share.


Farrah and her sister Faith were the twin daughters of two very troubled parents. Their father was a notorious criminal and their mother struggled with a juice addiction. It left Farrah and Faith to fend for themselves for most of their childhood and into their teen years. Because of this, they became very close.

Their bond was deeply challenged when Faith turned to the life their parents had led. Farrah had vowed to never be like her parents, so it broke her heart to see her sister turning to that tragic life. During an ill-conceived attempt to set her sister on the right path, they had a terrible fight. Farrah was never to see her sister again.


Then, one day, a little boy showed up on her doorstep with a note pinned to his shirt. The boy was her nephew. In her note, Faith let Farrah know that she knew her son’s best chance at a good life was with his responsible and loving aunt. From that day forward, Farrah raised Kade as her own.


Raising a child all on her own… with barely two Simoleons to scrape together… was definitely a challenge! Farrah did her best. Fortunately, Kade was a very easy-going child and smart as a whip. He learned new skills quickly and was (almost) always obedient. He charmed everyone he met!

Then, one day, Farrah met Caty while the two of them were waiting to use the ladies room. Intrigued by each other’s vibrant hairstyles, they shared some tips on color maintenance and styling. They were instant friends… and someday they would be family.


Come back soon for the next installment of Sim Stories!

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