Help! Mum And Dad Are Old

Whether it’s the call from a stranger telling you that your old mother fell in the street and broke her hip, or you find yourself having to repeat the same answer over and over again because your old dad fails to remember that he’s already asked, there’s no nice way...

Your Family Needs A Break!

Life can be pretty darn hectic a lot of the time. Between work, school, socializing and everything else that you all have going on, it can be incredibly difficult for you and your family to actually get the chance to just spend time with each other. It can sometimes...

Six Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Kids That Aren’t Toys

Image Source This time of year it still doesn’t feel as though it’s been long since Christmas – and if you have some family birthdays coming up soon then you’re probably already a little worried about what exactly you should buy them. Your kids are a particularly hard...

Care For Yourself While Caring For Your Parent

Image Source The average person’s lifespan has been on a consistent increase for a long time, meaning that we all have a better chance of enjoying everything that life has to offer. However, this also means that the standards of senior care have had to increase as...

The Reality Of Life: When Your Parents Grow Old

Image Source One of the hardest things we have to face is watching the two people who raised us and gave us so much love, slow down and become frailer. Some are lucky, living active and healthy lives right into their eighties, others fall victim to disease or illness...

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