When to Buy Your Kid a Cell Phone

Making the decision to purchase a cell phone for your child can be one of the toughest decisions that a parent must make. Sure, a cell phone increases the channels of communication between you and your child, but it is also the first step on a very long path towards...

Remodeling with Styles Found Online

Shopping for the ideal lighting for your home can be a challenge if you are unfamiliar with all of the styles and models out there. When you want a comprehensive selection and prices that will match your home remodeling budget, you can find styles like modern lighting...

Tips for Getting Kids Interested In Nature

When you were young you probably played outside every chance you got. You could identify leaves, recognize insect sounds and kill an entire hour just watching a caterpillar climb a stem. Most kids today are not happy unless they are glued to some type of electronic...

5 Tips for Upgrading the Kids’ Bedroom

When your child has outgrown that nursery-themed decoration, it's easy to upgrade his or her bedroom without breaking your budget. Here are a few simple tips to get you started. "New" Bed Linen You can very easily give an older kid's bedroom a fresh look by replacing...

10 Must-Have Frozen-Inspired Products

Let's face it... if you haven't heard of Frozen yet, then you've probably taken up residence in a secluded cave where you are living life as a hermit. Of course, then you probably wouldn't have internet and wouldn't be reading this. 😛 The stores have been over-run by...

4 Superhero Birthday Party Ideas

Capes, masks and cake: sound like the top three ingredients for a kick-ass superhero party! If you’re planning a party for your little hero or heroine (or even yourself) and are stuck on birthday party ideas look no further, the superhero party is a guaranteed hit....

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