What does that abbreviation mean?



  • alt- alternate
  • approx- approximately


  • beg- begin/ beginning
  • bet- between
  • BL- back loop
  • BLO- back loop only
  • BO- bind off
  • BOR- beginning of round
  • BP- back post
  • BPdc- back post double crochet


  • CA- color A
  • CB- color B
  • CC- contrasting color
  • cdd- centered double decrease
  • ch(s)- chain(s)
  • cl- cluster
  • cm- centimeters
  • cn- cable needles
  • CO- cast on
  • cont- continue
  • cross 2 L- cross two stitches to the left
  • cross 2 R- cross two stitches to the right


  • dbl- double
  • dc- double crochet
  • dec- decrease/ decreases/ decreasing
  • dir- directions
  • dk- dark/ double knitting weight yarn
  • dnt- do not turn
  • dp/ dpn- double-point needles
  • dtr or dbl tr- double treble crochet


  • ea- each
  • EON- end of needle
  • EOR- end of round
  • ex sc- extended single crochet


  • FC- front cross (cable knitting)
  • fig- figure (as in reference to a picture or chart)
  • fl- front loop(s)
  • foll- follows/ following
  • FO- finished object/ finish off
  • FP- front post


  • g/ gm/ gr- gram
  • g st- garter stitch
  • grp(s)- group(s)


  • half dc or hdc- half double crochet
  • hk- hook
  • half tr or htr- half treble (triple) crochet


  • in(s)- inch(es)
  • inc(s)- increase(s)
  • incl- include/ including/ inclusive


  • k- knit
  • k2tog- knit two stitches together
  • k2tog tbl- knit two stitches together through the back loops
  • kfb/ k1fb- knit one stitch in the front and then the back
  • kll- knit left loop (increase)
  • krl- knit right loop (increase)
  • ktbl- knit through back loop
  • kwise- knitwise


  • LC- left cross (cable)
  • LH- left hand
  • lp(s)- loop(s)
  • lt- light
  • LT- left twist


  • m- meters
  • M1- make one stitch
  • M1A- make one away (increase)
  • M1L/ M1F- make one left/ front (increase)
  • M1 p st- make one purl stitch
  • M1R/ M1B- make one right/ back (increase)
  • M1T- make one towards (increase)
  • MC- main color
  • med- medium
  • mm- millimeters


  • N- needle
  • N1- needle one
  • N2- needle two
  • no.- number


  • oz(s)- ounce(s)


  • p- purl in knitting; picot in crochet
  • p2tog- purl two together
  • pat(s) or patt- pattern(s)
  • pc- popcorn
  • pm- place marker
  • pnso- pass next stitch over
  • pop- popcorn bobble
  • ptbl/ p1tbl- purl through the back loop
  • prev- previous
  • psso- pass slipped stitch over
  • pu- pick up stitches
  • pwise- purlwise


  • RC- right cross (cable)
  • rem- remaining
  • rep- repeat(s)
  • rev St st- reverse stockinette stitch
  • RH- right hand
  • rib- ribbing
  • rnd(s)- round(s)
  • rs- right side
  • RT- right twist


  • sc- single crochet
  • sk- skip
  • skp- slip, knit, pass slipped stitch over
  • sk2p- slip one stitch, knit two together, pass slipped stitch over
  • sl- slip
  • sl1k- slip one knitwise
  • sl1p- slip one purlwise
  • sl st- slip stitch
  • sp(s)- space(s)
  • ss- slip stitch (Canadian)
  • ssk- slip, slip, knit two slipped stitches together
  • sssk- slip, slip, slip, knit three slipped stitches together
  • ssp- slip, slip, purl two slipped stitches together
  • st(s)- stitch(es)
  • St st- stockinette stitch


  • tbl- through back loop
  • tch- turning chain
  • tfl- through front loop
  • tog- together
  • tr- treble crochet/ triple crochet
  • tr tr- triple trebl crochet


  • UFO- unfinished object


  • WS- wrong side
  • wyib- with yarn in back
  • wyif- with yarn in front


  • yb- yarn to teh back
  • yds- yards
  • yfwd- yarn forward (yarn over)
  • yon- yarn over needle  (yarn over)
  • yo- yarn over
  • yo2- yarn over twice


  • [] work instructions in brackets the number of times indicated
  • () work instructions in parenthesis the number of times indicated; used to indicate changes in size
  • * repeat instructions after asterisk as indicated
  • ** repeat instructions after asterisks as indicated
  • ‘ feet
  • ” inches

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