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There are a few things in the home that the average person seems to put off buying. In our case, it was a new mattress. Our existing mattress came to us by a rather embarrassing series of events. To make a long story short, my husband and I each had our own beds in our own apartments but neither was really fit for a couple to sleep on the long term. At about the time we moved in together, my grandmother’s boyfriend, unfortunately, passed away. His son had the daunting task of clearing out his father’s home and the guest room mattress was given to us. That was almost ten years ago, so our mattress was every bit of 12+ years old. (You can get a glimpse of it in the photo below.)

Like many people with old, worn mattresses, we had woken up every day feeling unrested and aching from head to toe. The mattress had developed telltale sagging and was just generally looking really sad and limp. We were long overdue for a new one. We discussed our options and explored a variety of sites for information. We debated buying online versus buying local. In the end, we decided we wanted to be able to test mattresses before buying.

Before heading out to see what was available locally, I reached out to my local mom groups on Facebook and asked for suggestions. A few recommended Purple (an online foam mattress option) but my husband is not a fan of foam mattresses and there was nowhere to try them locally. Several recommended a local mattress factory. It stirred up a discussion and it was revealed that those who had owned them for some time loved them, but those who had purchased more recently had many issues. That made us hesitant to try them. The next two recommendations that dominated were Denver Mattress and Sleep Number.

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We Discover Denver Mattress

Our first stop was Denver Mattress. It was in a tucked away corner and I hadn’t known it was there. I was really surprised to learn it had been there for over 15 years! Our salesman, Eric, was witty and knowledgeable. He asked us a series of questions to get an idea of what we needed. I was a little concerned when he didn’t ask us a price range, but my fears went away when he brought us to a mattress that was less than half our budget. I have to give him credit for tactfully feeling out our financial position.

The first mattress was almost right, but a little too firm. He had us try out a series of beds and asked what we did and did not like after each one. He was really helpful in encouraging us to lie down like we would in real life so we could truly find the right mattress for us… all the while making us feel at ease with funny anecdotes and talking about his previous life as a dog poo picker-upper. (We were talking about pets in bed and it came up. LOL) Ultimately, we found out that Ross and I have very similar mattress tastes and we both chose the same mattress as our favorite.

I was pretty much ready to buy then, but we had promised ourselves we would shop around. Reluctantly, we got Eric’s card and told him we would probably be back.

On to Mattress Firm

Our stop at Mattress Firm was a sharp contrast to Denver Mattress. The showroom was cramped and smelled of plastic. The saleslady sort of yelled across the room at us for half our conversation. I felt like we had walked into someone’s house without knocking or something… very awkward. She asked us a couple of questions as well, but her questions led us to the priciest mattress. 🙁 The mattress was so very wrong for both of us! We ended up playing a game of musical beds for the next ten minutes or so. There didn’t seem to be any strategy to which beds she chose. We did find one that came close to the one we liked at Denver, but it cost three times as much. In fact, the cheapest mattress in the store was still twice the price of the entire bedding package at Denver. She told us they had the best prices anywhere and lowest delivery fees… both simply incorrect statements. We couldn’t get out of there fast enough!

Across the Road to Ashley Furniture

They were having a mattress sale at Ashley Furniture, so we figured it was worth taking a peek. The salesman there was on par with Eric (he never gave us his name) and was very helpful. He also did well with starting us on the lower end and working up. We did find a mattress that was very decadent, but so was the price tag. He told us that the mattress company’s prices are locked nationwide, so we wouldn’t typically find it at a lower price, but he could offer incentives like free pillows and free delivery. We considered it a bit, but it didn’t make a lot of sense when we could get a similar mattress elsewhere for far less. We did find several options for future furniture purchases, but ultimately we didn’t get our mattress at Ashley.

What’s Your Number?

We were more than ever sold on making our purchase at Denver Mattress, but we had also both really wanted to try out Sleep Number beds. They have a fun setup that allows you to lay back and get a demonstration of your pressure points. You get to see how pressure affects you both with a normal firm mattress and at your preferred Sleep Number setting. It really did take off pressure and felt good, but to be fair, so did a regular mattress. The typical selling point is experiencing what your partner prefers for their bed. One small problem for our saleslady… Ross and I picked very similar numbers. Oops. 😛

She wasn’t one to give up, though! She got us into three beds from their most basic model to one that cooled the body to the ultimate sleep experience. Okay, here’s where I admit it… we almost went for it. The adjustable bed with foot heater and the fancy phone app that learns your sleep patterns had us hooked. We asked for a quote and seriously considered it. Ultimately, though, with our sleep numbers being so similar, we couldn’t justify buying an $8000 mattress. If we would have gone with payments, it would have been $215 a month. There were cheaper Sleep Number options, but once you’ve played with the fancy one you don’t want anything else. If you have the money for it, I highly recommend trying it for yourself. I will toss in a disclaimer that I’ve heard varying opinions on the long-term comfort.

Back to Denver

It was an easy decision once we let go of the over-priced dream bed. We could get an entire package including mattress, foundation, mattress cover, pillows, and pillow covers for what most places were charging for just the mattress… and it was one of the most comfortable beds we had rested our heads on all day. We headed back to our new pal Eric to seal the deal on a new mattress! In the end, we got that package deal on a mid-range mattress. We also got a new frame plus two bonus pillows because we were referred by someone (they get a $30 check). Oh, and it was delivered two days later! Everywhere else had given us delivery estimates of two to three weeks.

Credit: http://tyrneathem.com/

Good Night, Sweetheart

It has now been ten days and we couldn’t be happier! I haven’t slept this well in years. I hop up into bed every night and just feel instantly at ease. I’m falling asleep faster and sleeping more soundly. Take it from me, if you have been putting off making that purchase STOP PROCRASTINATING! Your body will thank you for it.

Just a note: I know I said it above, but I want to reiterate. I am in no way associated with these companies and was not compensated for writing about my experience. Your experiences may have been completely different and I openly invite you to respectfully share them below.


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