I am just delving into the therapeutic uses of essential oils like peppermint oil. I’ve mainly used them only for fragrance until now, but I’m excited to be learning more. Peppermint oil seemed to be one of the great places to start, because it has so many uses.


The Springtime brings a lot of sniffles and congestion. This has been where we’ve made the most use of the peppermint oil so far. I’ve been placing drops in our humidifier and we are seeing results beyond just the humidifier alone. We’re all breathing a little easier through these wet days of early Spring.

My husband has also been working a lot of overtime and it is making him achy and cranky. I’ve mixed this with fractionated coconut oil for a soothing massage oil. I’m sure he’d tell you the massage alone is nice, but the peppermint oil is adding a cooling effect to his aching muscles. He’s also rubbing some on his troublesome ankle and finds it has been more effective at pain relief than the ibuprofen he usually takes.

I have been scenting my home office with a lovely mixture of this peppermint oil and their lavender essential oil blended with a carrier oil and placed in a warmer. The combination is leaving me relaxed and productive… a winning combination!


I did learn that one sign of quality is if the essential oil is ingestible. This oil is NOT for internal use. You shouldn’t take any essential oil internally unless you truly know what you’re doing, but this is one benchmark for determining quality.

Overall, I would say that this has been a great addition to my growing interest in the use of essential oils. I would buy again.

I received this peppermint essential oil at a deep discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

PROS: Effective aromatherapy oil. Strong scent. Built-in dropper. Free ebook on how to use. Dark amber bottle.

CONS: Not ingestible.

Overall Rating


Are you ready for all the incredible uses of Peppermint Essential Oil? Nature’s Own Essence brings you Peppermint Essential Oil of very high value. It has the appearance of a thin liquid but it’s actually in its purest form. Their Peppermint Essential Oil is 100% pure and undiluted – no other ingredients are added. Grown, harvested, steam distilled and bottled in the USA under strict quality standards and procedures. Bottled in dark amber glass with a European style dropper to ensure an accurate pour. ($39.99; Buy on Amazon for $24.77)

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