Company Bio: Starting in the family garage, father and son cleaning team, Lionel & Roy used a homegrown recipe to create a pure bleach product packaged in amber pint jars to sell at a non-inflated 15 cents each. It was 1922, and a jar of bleach would typically cost 25 cents. But, Lionel and Roy were determined to provide their quality product at a lower price to pass savings back to American families. Their homegrown liquid bleach soon found success and was dubbed Purex due to its clear, pure qualities and ability to make the household clean and healthy.

Over the years the family worked to expand Purex with a focus on creating useful, everyday need inspired products offered at a non-inflated cost because of their commitment to providing a savings. Quality products at an affordable price has kept Purex in homes across America, throughout the Great Depression to present, as a quality clean that everyone can afford.

Product Details: Celebrate your life with the new Purex Crystals Aromatherapy scents! Come experience in-wash scent boosters and simulate your life with peaceful bliss and boundless spirit with three soothing aromas: Energy, Serenity, and Well Being.

Personal Experience: As my experience with Purex grows, I have been marveling at the quality of products that sell at such a budget-friendly price. When I was offered the opportunity to try their latest product,  Purex Crystals Aromatherapy laundry enhancer, I wondered if they could keep offering such great quality.


I received a full-size sample of the Well Being scent. The initial scent right from the bottle is intensely flowery… almost too intense. This actually proves to be a good thing. It takes just a little of those pretty pink crystals to scent an entire large load of laundry.

Actually, what you see in the picture above was enough to scent a king-size comforter, our entire house as it was washing, and our entire upper level for the past few weeks. When my mother-in-law came to visit several days after I washed the comforter, she asked if we were doing laundry and wanted to know what I use. 😉

I love things that smell great… who doesn’t? These Purex Crystals smell amaaaaaaazing and they keep their fresh laundry scent for weeks. I have been washing so much with these; from my clothes to the throw pillows on the couch. I’ve used two-thirds of the bottle already. I’m working on a crochet pattern for little sachets to fill with Crystals for our dresser drawers and linen closet to really immerse ourselves. Entering our home is like dropping into a soft, floral-scented basket of fresh-washed laundry fresh off of a clothesline strung up in a field of flowers. It’s so relaxing!

I’ve found myself doing that stuff that is somehow completely normal in commercials but makes you look a touch strange in real life… like sniffing the towels and wrapping a pile of blankets around my face. Weird? Yes, but totally justified. 😉

Pros: Great scent that lasts surprisingly long. Premium quality at a budget price. Easy to use. Others will ask what you use, because it smells really great.

Cons: You may find yourself overusing… please proceed with caution. 😉

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