My friend Gretchen asked me to join her team for a local Walk for Suicide Awareness in our hometown. A few of our team members couldn’t make it, so we ended up with Gretchen, her husband, my mom, Xander, and me… team Step Into Love.

This year was the fourth-annual walk, so it’s not incredibly well-known yet. Despite the somber reason, it was a very lively event… music, games, face painting, and smiles. By all appearances, the event was double the size of last year’s numbers. It was a great way to begin my marathon experience.

Xander had some fun with the festivities before the race. he got his face painted and played a few games.


The whole event was very laid-back, so I have no idea what my actual time was. It just felt really great to finish. I have walked that distance pretty frequently, but never with so many hills. The area around me is much more flat. I struggled a little bit at times, but I tried to just keep on moving.

And We’re Off!

I would definitely like to do more 5K’s. I’m a long way from running one, but I won’t let that stop me from trying to get there!

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