As technology has evolved, so has the job marketplace. In the past, you had to show up to the office or plant and work to get paid. Today, you can truly work from anywhere. In fact, many people are choosing to freelance simply for the inherent freedom it provides.

You get to choose where you work and how. You can do anything from learning how to trade penny stocks to posting interesting articles to your blog. Continue reading for modern options for working from home.


Part-Time Bookkeeper

If you have a way with numbers, then this may be your dream job. You can earn $60 per hour. Plus, you can do this remotely. You don’t even have to be a CPA. You just need experience and the desire to help business owners with their financial issues.

With tax time coming up, you could make a killing in just few months. Then, you can take it easy and spend more quality time with family.

Trade Penny Stocks from Home

This might seem complicated or confusing, but it really isn’t. Penny stocks trade for under $5 per share. Of course, it is imperative to research the company first. You can check out the otcMarkets site to see how much information each company provides.

The two highest ratings are otcQX and Pink Quote OTCBB. So, stick to penny stocks with high ratings. In addition, you want to focus on stocks that trade at high volumes, otherwise, it can be difficult to get in and get out. Plus, you can trade for a few hours per day or less.

So, this is the perfect stay-at-home job if you want to make money in your free time, working on your own schedule and judgment.

Test Web and Mobile Sites

Before web and mobile sites go live, they often go through a significant amount of testing. Well, you might not have known that some sites pay for honest user feedback. One site is UserTesting. They pay around $10 per test and that rate can go up for longer and more specific tests.

Some people make an extra $100 to $200 per week testing websites on the side. Basically, you would get an email notification of an available test. Then, you might get asked a series of questions to see if you qualify for the parameters and target audience needed.

Nonetheless, there are often enough tests to make at least an extra $50 per week.

Place Your Bets on Weight Loss

Have you been battling the bulge? Well, you are not alone. Many countries are facing skyrocketing rates of obesity. This is despite the fact that we have banned trans fats, decreased sugar percentages in food products, know a lot more about eating organic and other forms of diets and we have tons of fitness apps on the market today–yet, people are still gaining weight.

So, perhaps it’s time to bet on losing weight. You can go through a site such as HealthyWage where you can bet on your weight loss. You might bet that you would lose 50 pounds in seven months and end up winning over $1,000. Maybe you don’t need a personal trainer. Perhaps cold, hard cash is the ultimate motivator.

Final Thought

Working from home is a lot easier than it has ever been. With a laptop, and a bit of flexibility, you have many options.

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