I am a part of Team Snuggle and I received a free full-size sample of the new Fresh Spring Flowers fabric conditioner in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinions. Introducing the new scent by Snuggle, Fresh Spring Flowers… a scent that will keep your fabrics smelling fresh and feeling comfortable, perfect for more Snuggle-up moments. Fresh Release scent droplets add the extra touch to your family’s laundry, keeping clothes looking, smelling, and feeling so irresistible.

snugglefreshspringflowersI really love to have great smelling laundry, so I look forward to trying new products that add a wonderful fragrance to our clothes and linens. It’s an added bonus if the product does more than that. I’m not really thrilled with the new trend of multiple laundry additives with one purpose, because I really don’t like needing to buy four or five products just to do one load of laundry. Who does?! So, it’s great to fall back on a classic that has been revamped with a fresh new scent. Snuggle has always been a favorite in our family and they’ve done it again.

The scent definitely delivers on the name. It is a good, strong scent that stuck with our fabrics for a week or longer, depending on how the fabric in question was used. It was quite intense when first washed. One night I put on my freshly-washed, flowery-scented pajamas and crawled into my just as freshly-washed, flowery-scented sheets… and that night I had a dream that resembled that one scene where Julie Andrews is twirling through the mountains singing “The hillllls are aliiiive with the sound of muuusic!”  Yup, the Spring Flowers were definitely in full bloom around me and I brought them right into my dreams!

The scent is definitely a star here, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that Snuggle is just as great for softness as it ever was. It even rescued a pair of uncomfortably rough jeans that I once didn’t get much use out of. Thanks to the crazy cool weather here in Wisconsin, I also discovered that Snuggle makes my hand-knit socks even cozier to slip into.

Whether you’re a long-time fan of Snuggle looking to mix it up or new to the Snuggle fan club, you’ll want to give Snuggle’s Fresh Spring Flowers a chance. I think you’ll love it! 

Pros: Great, long-lasting scent. As always, a wonderful fabric softener.

Cons: May induce weird musical dreams. 

Overall Rating


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