Our Saturday was one of my favorite days in some time. It was so nice to spend a day just being a family.


Our day started off with a mock tournament at Xander’s karate school. The school had heard many comments from parents like ourselves. Many of us were hesitant to sign the kids up for real tournaments because we were not really sure what to expect… and the kids were feeling equally hesitant. It was fun to have the experience of a tournament but in the familiar zone of the school. The best part was that Xander actually won his division of the tournament. There were no prizes, but that didn’t make his smile any smaller! 🙂

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We decided to celebrate with a local arcade. It is one of Xander’s current places to spend an afternoon. They have an attached diner that serves some pretty decent pizza, so we grabbed lunch there. Our meal deal came with 60 tokens (about $10 worth), so we had plenty to keep us entertained for an hour or so.

Xander likes to get prizes from the tickets, so we focus a lot on playing the games that pay out well. Luckily these are also some of Xander’s favorite games. 😉 Ross decided to try his luck at a few of the games too. There was a new-to-us game that involved flicking a coin into cups. Get it in the right cup and you get the current ticket jackpot. Ross got close so many times and was about to quit when I told him to give it one more shot. He hit the jackpot! He won 1000 tokens with that one shot.

Credit: http://tyrneathem.com

We cashed in our tickets to see what we had. Xander had his eye on a prize that was worth 1500 tickets… we were under 200 tickets shy. A typical day for us is only about 150 tickets, so we decided to blow our last few tokens on that coin flip game and come back another day to get the remaining tickets. Well, wouldn’t you know it, Ross hit the jackpot again! The second time was 500 tickets, but it was enough for Xander to get his special prize and walk away with 350 tickets for next time.

We finished the night with a grill out in the backyard and a family movie night. All around a pretty great day! 🙂

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