Do you find yourself spending more time inside than you’d like? Do you love the idea of relaxing in the garden but somehow never end up doing it? Then there might be something poisoning your fun. Read the article below to see if it ring any bells and get some garden poison antidote inspiration.


The weather is the weather, right? We can’t control it. If it’s good, then we can spend time outside. If it’s bad, we have to hold up in the house just like everyone else? Well that doesn’t always have to be the case. There are certain antidotes or solutions to this type of garden problem.

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The first is to have a shade sail installed. This is a large piece of fabric supported by posts that creates a covered area of the garden. Its perfect for retreating under when the sun’s glare is too hot. It can also protect you garden part from small rain showers.

Or you might want to consider a summer house. These are usually small wooden buildings with lots of glass. They are put in the garden and can act a base for outdoor pursuits like picnics and sunbathing. The advantage of them is that they not only protect you from the elements, but they also provide you with a little luxury for your outdoor space.  This is because you can install beds, sofas or even gadgets if you have electricity.


Something else that can poison you garden pleasure is the plants you have. Literally! Some plants are deadly poisonous to pets and even humans! This understandably may limit the time that you want you can your loved ones to spend outside in the yard.

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If this is affecting your life, then it is possible to identify and dispose of poisonous plants effectively. Without that worry, you are bound to spend more time enjoying your garden and not being scared of it.


Another thing that can poison the pleasure of a nice garden is having super nosey neighbors. This issue is usually emphasized if your properties are close together, as there is little space between the houses and yards. It hard to have a nice meal when you feel ‘on show’.

Some people deal with this by building large fences. But these can be controversial as they often block the light getting into your or your neighbor’s properties.

Another way of dealing with the privacy issue is to install PVC blinds over your veranda. This means you can still enjoy alfresco dining, but you don’t have to worry about being overlooked and feeling ‘watched’ all the time.


Another issue that can stop people spending as much time outdoors as they’d like is not having an attractive home exterior. There’s just something nice about having a distinct area set aside for relaxing and eating in the garden like a patio or deck.

Remember, having a permanently set up table, chairs and fire pit on the patio, can help you establish a routine of spending your time out there.

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