With summer comes farmers’ markets, picnics, and fireworks shows… and with that a need to tote around an array of items. All About Blanks has a huge variety of items that can be easily monogrammed and their Market Totes were just the thing for summer. I received a free market tote in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.


The tote is very generous in size. You could easily fit a full market day or several meals’ worth of groceries into the tote at once. We even used it for a trip to Sam’s Club and stocked it with several over-sized bags of frozen foods. The tote handled it like a champ! We did an impromptu picnic at a nearby park and I was able to tote a picnic blanket, water bottles, our lunch, and a few small toys. It’s currently being used to hold my “hexipuffs” and scrap yarn for a knitting project and it works so well for this, too. I’m continuously amazed by how much fits in it!

The description doesn’t say, but the frame appears to be aluminium. It’s very lightweight… so much so that Xander (our four-year-old) was able to carry it around with ease. Even when loaded with frozen groceries, the frame held up without damage.

It’s very easy to fold and unfold the tote. To open the tote, two pieces are pushed down into the tote to give it stability and two other pieces come up as the handles. They even included an attached padded wrap for the handles that makes it very comfortable to carry even the heaviest loads. When folded, it lays relatively flat and takes up next to no space in the trunk. You could even stack a few to keep on hand for grocery trips. These work so much better than plastic, paper, or even the standard canvas totes!


All of the items at All About Blanks… you seriously must explore the amazing diversity there… can be easily monogrammed and customized. I have not yet customized my tote, but I can say that I was able to completely removed the fabric very easily and it would fit my sewing machine without issue. (Easy removal also means easy cleaning!) I’m leaning toward doing an appliqué rather than a monogram, though… I’ll update with photos when I’m done.

My only complaint is very minor. There is piping around the edges of the basket, and I was displeased to see that the ends were not stitched up. It seemed a bit sloppy in an otherwise beautifully made piece.

Overall, a wonderful product from a company I definitely recommend that you check out. If you’re not in the market for a tote (see what I did there?), tehre is probably still something there for you. They have dad gifts, baby items, table linens, and much more at great prices.

Pros: Collapses for easy storage. Generously sized. Sturdy fabric and frame. Lightweight. Easy to monogram. Great prices.

Cons: Small finishing issue.

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Overall Rating


All About Blanks is your complete online source for Embroidery Blanks.

These summer market totes are great for toting just about anything you can think of– picnics, trips to the pool or beach, small grocery trips, scrapbooking parties, teacher gifts and so much more! These market totes collapse all the way down and are convenient for keeping in your car. Foam rubber handle grips make them comfortable to carry with heavier loads. Easy to monogram. Measures approximately 18″ x 8″ x 9″ (Regularly $26.00; Currently $19.99)

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