New Hotel Concepts in Budapest

The hotels in Budapest are changing rapidly, and many of the changes have made them among the best found in Europe. In the decades of the past, you could only hope for such basic amenities as a phone in your room or a television set when staying anywhere in eastern...

I Left My Heart in Christiania

If you plan to spend time in Copenhagen, visiting Christiania is a must. It’s a lush green neighborhood surrounded by water on all sides in the middle of Denmark’s largest and most important city. In the summer people gather in this autonomous neighborhood to drink...

The Quirky Side of Philadelphia

There is no doubt Philadelphia is a thriving metropolis steeped in deep, rich history. Everywhere you turn, you will find exciting tourist adventures — but why not try something different? Venture out of your hotel in Philadelphia and head off the beaten path...

Three Ways to Save in Hong Kong

If you’re lucky enough to visit Hong Kong, you’ll marvel at a unique blend of British history and Chinese culture. You may also be amazed at the high prices. If you want to save some money on everything from food to hotels in Hong Kong, check out these...
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