Now for most folks, one of the big draws of improving their fitness is to improve their physical appearance. While the way we look isn’t the be all and end all of life, it is nice to glance in the mirror and not recoil in horror. That is why it is a good idea to pick the right fitness activities for your appearance goals. So, read on to find out more about what exercises you should be doing to look your best.

Best Activities for Weight Loss

So if your main fitness goal is to lose some weight, there are a few different activities you can choose from. These include swimming, running, dancing and high impact sports like basketball. All of these activities work so well because they can cause the body to use up a lot of calories.


This is it vital for weight loss because more than anything else it boils down to having a calorie deficit. Which means using up more than you are talking in. Of course, we need to be careful in how to execute this. As it is very unwise to severely restrict what you are eating while increasing your physical activity. As it can be very harmful to your body, as well as making you feel pretty horrid too.

In terms of picking an activity, you should first consider which one you would enjoy the most. As well as your own physical limitations. For example, if you are concerned about high impact on your joints you can pick something like swimming instead of running. Where the body will be supported while it moves. You will also need to discover what is available your local area, or whether you can get a do-it-at-home DVD.

Best Activities for Toned Arms

Now if you look at Madonna and think, yes, that is exactly what I want! Then, toned arms are probably way up on your list of fitness goals. But of course, there are some activities that are much better for getting those arms toned up than others.


Firstly, consider boxing, either traditional or Thai style. Yes, it is high impact workout, with a lot of moving around. But there is also a pretty specific focus on moving and training the arms to launch effective attacks on your opponent.


Other useful activities that work you arm areas include weight training. There seem to be a lot of confusion over this, though. With women especially being a little fearful of bulking up instead of getting the tone that they want.

It’s easily resolved, however. Remember that heavy weights that take a lot of effort to lift, done for a small amount of reps are much more likely to build big muscles than lighter ones.  The latter type of weight training is what you will need to with more repetitions if you are looking for tone over bulk.

Of course, there are other activities that focus on stretching and balance that can have a fantastic effect on your arms too. Some of these include Pilates and Piyo, which is a cross between Pilates and Yoga.

These sorts of activities are great for toning the arms. This is because they encourage long, lean muscles through stretching and resistance. Which helps to tone them, without the risk of bulking up. So yo can be free from the concern that you’ll end up looking like Lou Ferrigno in the incredible hulk.

Best Activities for Toned Legs

Now there are some overlaps between actives that are good for the arms and ones that are good for toning the legs. Especially if they work the whole body. But are looking to target this area specifically? Then, you may be better off doing something like cycling, running or working on a cross training machine.

This is because, while they all have a specific focus on working the largest muscles in your body which are your legs.


Cycling especially can be great for getting toned legs without losing too much bulk in other areas, if that is a concern for you. A stepping machine is also great for legs as it works the hamstrings and glutes to tone that area.

Best Activities for a Toned Butt

Talking of toning the glutes, this seems to be something of a fad at the moment. Especially with the Kardashians endorsing the ‘bubble butt’ look. But what is the best way to develop this area?

Well, most folks seem to swear by squats for toning and building the muscles in the butt. A basic squat is something that you can perform pretty much anywhere. Not just in the gym.  Although if you do it in the middle of the street, you might get some pretty funny looks!

All you have to do is stand with your feet and shoulders aligned and face forward. Then link your hands together and making a sitting motion as if you were sitting on a chair that isn’t actually there. The idea is to go as low as possible and hold for as long as possible to build and develop the muscle group in you behind.

There are a lot of variations of this exercise too that you can find out more about here.

Best Activities for a Flat Stomach

Lastly, we come to everybody’s nemesis getting a toned the stomach! There are very few of us that have a naturally flat stomach that takes no maintenance at all. That is probably why there is so many stomachs exercise out there that you can do!

But what is the best choice for getting a flat stomach terms of a workout? Well, it is really a two step process. Yes, you will need to get involved and do some crunches to build up the six pack muscles that run along each side of your abdomen.

But you will also need to have a low percentage of body fat to be able to see them. That means going back to some of the higher intensity calorie burning activities mentioned in the first section as well.

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