As a crafter, reader, late-night laptop user, and general person who loves technology, I was happy to try BYB’s clip-on LED light in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. I knew it would be an item that I could make good use of in my home, so I was sure we would put it to the test!


This is a clip-on light, so I’ll talk about the clip first. The clip is large and provides a very strong grip. It is a bit clunky, but it rarely got in the way when I used it. I was able to clip it on the edge of a table, on a shelf of my desk, on the edge of our headboard, on books, and onto a laptop. I also used it freestanding on my nightstand, but it’s definitely much more stable with the clip.

The flexible gooseneck of this light is another of the many handy features. It bends easily into pretty much any position I wanted the lamp to aim, which is very helpful when you have the clip attached to so many different types of surfaces. I was impressed with how readily it kept the place I left it. A lot of times you give up a bit in the hold to get a truly flexible cord, but that isn’t the case here.


The light is the star here. The 20 LEDs put out a bright, white light. It was also quite focused… I could comfortably use it in bed next to my husband without disturbing him with a bright light. I could widen the area it lit up by moving the light away from the surface, but I really liked that I could focus it without getting a ton of glare on whatever surface I was working on.

The light can be run on included batteries that recharge. You can also plug in (and recharge) with the included USB and wall outlet or with an AC adapter. I have used the unit I received for no less than 20 hours total since I received it and I have yet to need to charge it. I didn’t even charge it when it arrived… I just started putting it to the test right out of the box. My only wish would be some kind of battery level indicator so I know when it’s getting close to charging time.

The flexibility of the gooseneck, the strong clip, the bright output, and the long battery life make this a great light for use just about anywhere. I could also see it as great to have on hand for emergency lighting.

Pros: Very bright light output with surprisingly little glare. easy on/ off. Flexible and adjustable. Can be powered by USB, battery, and AC adapter. Rechargeable. So many uses!

Cons: Clip is a bit clunky.

Overall Rating


Meet the BYB E-41 Series Clip-on 20 LED Light. It functions as a music stand light. It can also be used as a clip-on book reading lamp. Artists and crafters will find it useful for providing battery-powered light to their latest project. It’s also great for travel and camping… basically anywhere you need a handy, bright light. Built-in 1000mAh Li-ion Battery, AC Adaptor and USB Cord means no more batteries. Recharge as needed. Multifunction cleaning cloth included. ($69.95; Buy on Amazon for $14.99)

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