Getting your vanity table right is crucial for your skincare and makeup routine. We’ve all used a handheld mirror to do our makeup before rushing out. It doesn’t have the same appeal. There’s something lovely about having a space set aside to perfect your look each day. And besides, who wants to do makeup on the go? Invest in a good vanity and make makeup an indulgent time in your day. Knowing you have everything to hand will ensure you look your best at all times! But, what should you consider when perfecting your vanity?


The Main Event

Go out and pick a vanity that suits your purposes. Of course, you’ll want a piece that suits your room and looks good. Even more, though, you need to ensure you’re buying a vanity desk that suits your needs. Consider whether you want a table without drawers, or whether storage is essential. You need somewhere to store your Ben Nye powder and other essential pieces. Don’t compromise on storage and think you can keep your collection elsewhere. The joy of a vanity table is that all your makeup is in one place!


Once you have your vanity, decide where you want it! As well as considering where you can fit a vanity in, it’s important to consider where the window is. If you pick a space which has a window behind it, it’s going to be harder for you to see what you’re doing. Choose an area in front of the window, or even in a space with no natural lighting. You can install your lighting (more on that later!), but you can’t remove the sun when it’s blocking your view!



Once your vanity is in place, invest in a mirror. Buying a mirror isn’t as simple as it might sound. For the most part, you’ll be on the hunt for a mirror that suits your table. If you’re lucky, there will have been a matching mirror to go with the piece. If not, you’ve got a hunt on your hands. As well as considering style, think about what size mirror you need. Think, too, about whether you want a mirror that you can move around. Even if you find the perfect mirror, it may be worth investing in a handheld one, too. Look out for one with a magnified side so you can perfect the small details!


We’ve already concluded that natural lighting isn’t the best for doing makeup. What would work, then? You want your light to be in front of you; else you won’t be able to see what you’re doing. You could buy a freestanding light and put it behind your vanity. If you go down this path, consider investing in an extendable light, so that you can move it to suit your needs. If that doesn’t appeal to you, look into getting lighting installed around your mirror. Bear in mind, though, that you won’t be able to lose those lights when you need to!

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