Many don’t know this about me, but I ate vegetarian for the majority of a twenty year span. I’ve personally experienced the health benefits of a plant-based diet. I got off track a bit after marriage and family… it’s tough making three different plates for every meal… but I’m looking to return to this in the coming months. With this in mind, I reached out to Fresh n’ Lean to review their plant-based meal delivery plans.

The meals arrive in a cooler packed with ice packs. The individual meals are in recycled plastic containers. You can poke holes in the cover and heat directly in the container or transfer to a pan to warm. It’s so easy… and much healthier than those “diet” meals in the freezer section of the store. I can actually read the ingredients list like a grocery list!


I found the meal sizes to be very generous. I actually split most of them with my four-year-old son, because it was simply too much food for me. (It works out, because my current diet calls for less calories than the 1500 Fresh n’ Lean meal plan provides.) I know from my many years eating a plant-based diet that this is one huge positive of eating this way… it takes a lot of food to get your calorie requirements, so you are never hungry. The meals were also all packed with protein, which kept me full for longer.

You want to know about the taste, right? I’ve had a few comments that some of the meal photos I posted to my Facebook page didn’t look so yummy. Some of the meals look a bit monotone despite all of the colorful vegetables in them. I’ll admit that’s true… they’re visually not very appealing which takes away from the enjoyment a bit… but every dish was flavorful and fresh-tasting. They are made without seasoning, because each person’s palate is different. I found them delicious as-is, but they offered a variety of suggestions in the welcome kit. The bean-based meals were my personal favorites. The pasta dish I had was good, but the pasta itself was a bit too overdone and mushy for my taste. It was really the only low point out of three breakfast and five dinner meals that I sampled. I also experienced chia seeds for the first time and I’ll be adding more to my diet!


The Standard Plan cost of $27.99 per day (approximately $9 per meal) sounds a bit high. I’ll even admit that can feed my entire family on less than this per day. There’s something to consider, though, The meals I can make are not the same quality and freshness of ingredients. To make this variety of dishes that are gluten-free, plant-based, and organic would cost us easily double… if not triple… what we currently pay for groceries. It doesn’t necessarily make this plan a bargain for tight food budgets, but it does make it reasonable for the average healthy-eating family.

FNL Comparison Chart

Pros: Chef-made, plant-based, gluten-free meals delivered to your door. Great flavor. Mostly organic. No meal planning… just grab one and warm it. Unseasoned, so you can customize flavor.

Cons: Cost is not for small budgets. Foods are visually unappealing.

Overall Rating


freshnleanlogoCompany Bio: Fresh N Lean is a 100% plant-based food delivery service that prepares and delivers premium quality, all organic, gluten-free and fresh meals nationwide. They are passionate about using the very best all-natural ingredients to make sure their meals always taste fresh. Not quite ready for 100% plant-based dieting? Visit their cousin site!

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