Camping in the great outdoors: there’s nothing like it. Fields full of cows and no WiFi in sight.

But as with anything, there are costs and benefits. The benefits are the fact that you get to enjoy nature for a few short days, watching the sun come up in the morning and enjoying a star-lit sky at night. It’s all very primal and strangely natural. But then there are the costs: the freezing cold journey to the loo in the middle of the night: the fact that washing up takes about two hours, and the numerous people on your campsite who never stop talking, even at 2 am when you’re trying to sleep.

Not to worry. Here’s the kit you need to turn your camping experience into a glamping experience.


Bring Your Office With You

When most people go camping, they’re trying to escape from work. But there’s one thing that the office has their tent will never have; high ceilings.

Well, that might have been true in the past, but it’s certainly no longer the case. REI has developed their Kingdom tent. It’s a two-room tent, with a bedroom and an office/living area. What makes the tent unique, however, is the fact that the roof is high, meaning you can quite easily get a desk in there, as well as a chair and enjoy one of the rooms as office space. The tent also has multiple storage pouches and an external frame to maximize interior space.

Get A Double Sleeping Bag

Camping is supposed to be something romantic, especially if you go away with your other half. But when you’re both wrapped up like sausages in separate sleeping bags, it can take the romance out of the trip.

Now, though, some rather clever chaps over about Cabin Creek have come up with a double sleeping bag. The idea isn’t just to bring couples closer together, it’s also to help keep them warm when temperatures dip below freezing. The bag itself has got an interior sleeve, meaning that you can’t just roll over and drag the other person with you. And it’s designed for people up to six foot two in height, meaning ample space for tall boyfriends.

Bring A Lantern

Lanterns were once a feature of everyday life, but thanks to indoor living, torches, and streetlights, they went out of fashion. One place where they are still essential, however, is the campsite. There’s nothing worse than having no light in your tent at night or trying to use your torch to find your clothes. A much better solution is to hang a lantern from the middle of your tent to shine light over the entire space and allow you to go about your business with both your hands-free.


But you don’t just want any lantern. You want one that comes with a bunch of modern technology. This is where the Black Diamond Lantern comes in. It’s able to pump out more than 250 lumens, and because it’s got a LED light, it doesn’t need to be charged as often as a regular bulb. It’ll burn for 168 hours, meaning you can take it on a month-long expedition and it’ll work night after night without fail. It’s pricey, though: one of these will set you back more than $80.

Invest In A Firestarter

One of the most challenging parts of any camping experience is getting the fire to light. For whatever reason, matches and the outdoors don’t seem to go very well together, meaning you could end up frustrated and going hungry.


There are tons of fire starters on the market that are better than matches. They’re longer, for instance, meaning you can reach further into the heart of your kindling and make sure that it gets lit at the center, rather than at the sides which is what usually happens with matches. And because the flame is fed with internal gas, it’s much less likely to go out at the crucial moment.

Gizmodo says that one of the most effective and convenient starters is the Exotac Nanostriker. It’s small, lightweight and comes with a stopper to prevent any flammable liquid flowing out of the tip.

Get Proper Cooking Equipment

For thousands of years, cast iron Dutch oven cooking has been a staple of camping. But why? Well, the main reason is that Dutch ovens can be used to cook just about anything and make it good. We’re not just talking frying some bacon on a gas burner for bacon sandwiches here. We’re talking about ovens that can bake fresh bread, make lasagne and cook hearty dishes like chicken and dumplings.


Dutch ovens solve a big problem on campsites: the fact that half of the time you have to eat meals which aren’t really all that nice.

Use A Portable Summer Shower

We all know that on camp, showers take a back seat. Sometimes that’s because we don’t want to make our way to the shower block, but most of the time, it’s because there just aren’t any showers available. This is why companies like Advanced Elements have tried to come up with a solution: the portable summer shower. What they’ve produced mostly looks like a backpack with a shower head coming out of the top. The backpack has a solar panel on the surface which, when left out in the sun, heats up the water inside to a balmy 105 degrees. The bag itself contains over 5 gallons of water, so you’ll have to be pretty strong to lift it. But once you’ve hung it from a branch, you’re ready to go.

Suit Up For Mosquitos


Nothing is more annoying when camping than the endless buzz of mosquitoes and endlessly having to apply stinking aloe vera. Well, that problem might have been solved by a company called Mombasa. They’ve developed a thin net body suit that covers you from head to toe. You’ll look a little bit like a beekeeper or somebody cleaning up a biohazard, but at least it will keep the mosquitoes away.

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