I have worked with Surpahs many times in the past and I am consistently impressed with the high quality and low cost of their items. With this in mind, I was very happy to review for them again. The Marsala Silicone Ice Ball Mold is a great item to have on hand for summer parties.


The Marsala Silicone Ice Ball Mold is composed of two pieces of durable and flexible silicone that fit together. There were no instructions included, so I did have a bit of a learning curve with my first few batches. What worked best for me was to seal the two parts of the mold together and use the little holes in the top to fill the mold to just under capacity. The ice will expand a little as it freezes. I got a bit of water on top of the mold, but it breaks away easily when I remove the balls from the mold.

The size is perfect for your standard drink glasses. They also fit into our sport water bottles. If you’re wondering why you would bother getting an item like this, the reasons are both aesthetic and practical. The ice ball simply looks more stylish when you are serving drinks to your guests. It’s also practical because the larger surface area of the ball melts more slowly than a standard ice cube. It will keep your drinks colder for longer and water them down less.

I recommend ordering a few molds if you will be using them frequently. The size of ice balls requires a bit longer freezing time than standard ice cubes and you can only do four at a time with one mold. We like to freeze them and store in a container in our freezer so that we always have some on hand.

Pros: Perfectly-sized for party drinks. Leak-proof silicone. Longer melt time. Stackable. Dishwasher-safe.

Cons: No instructions.

Overall Rating


surpahslogoSurpahs™ makes great kitchen scales, bathroom scales and kitchenware products. They are a private held company operated by the great Internet sense team players. Surpahs, synonyms of Surpass, meaning to be beyond the limit, powers, excellence, be superior to in achievement, so is our commitment.

The Surpahs Marsala Silicone Ice Ball Mold is constructed of leak-proof, durable, food-grade silicone. It makes four 1.8″ round ice balls at a time. Great for iced coffee, tea, whiskey, scotch drinks. Stackable, Dishwasher safe. ($19.99; Buy on Amazon for $8.59)

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