After seeing KORE Essentials belts featured a few times around the internet, I was intrigued. My husband likes to wear his belts tightly and because of this he tends to have difficulty finding one that has holes in the right spot and he tends to wear them out quickly. The Trakline seemed like a great start to ending our quest for a great belt, so I reached out to KORE Essentials and they sent along a buckle and belt for us to review.

My immediate impression was great. The smell of quality leather filled the air the moment I opened the package. The belt and buckle were packaged inside a carrying pouch. The belt was encased in protective plastic and the belt was wrapped in tissue. I’ve said it a million times that I love it when companies put care into packaging… it shows a love for their own product when a company makes sure it arrives in top-notch condition.


The belt comes ready to size for your own waist. They include handy markings on the reverse of the belt and also provide directions for getting a custom fit. The directions were a bit confusing, but it boils down to determining the size of your waist, cutting the belt to size, and then attaching the buckle. The cut end of the belt slips into the buckle and then the buckle clamps down on the belt securely with built-in “teeth.” My husband said it reminded him of the belts he received when in the military, but only in this one respect.


The feature that really makes the Trakline stand out is the Perfect Fit track system that (I assume) inspired the name. This track is located on the back of the belt and is in place of the typical holes used for sizing a belt. You can see it at the bottom of the picture above. The Trakline can be adjusted in increments of ¼ inch! You couldn’t possibly ask for a more custom fit. My husband loved being able to make small adjustments throughout the day. Who hasn’t gotten a little bloated after a big meal or found your waist shrink a bit after a few days of sticking diligently to that new fitness program? Now you don’t have to worry about a belt that’s too loose or poking a new hole into a belt to get the right fit… just push the lever on the buckle and adjust away! The ease of adjusting the belt is what my husband really likes most. He did say it took a little getting used to the lever on the buckle… particularly when loosening rather than tightening… but once you get the hang of it, it’s very easy to make adjustments.

It’s not just an innovative belt. KORE Essentials took the time to fashion a belt in quality full-grain leather with a solid and stylish stainless steel buckle. This belt is made to look great for a long time. In fact, full-grain leather actually gets better with age. You can also buy additional belts for just $25 a piece. My husband pays an average of $20 for other belts that are not near this quality, so it’s no surprise that my husband is looking forward to adding (at least) a black belt to his collection in the very near future. They also sell grey and white in addition to the black and brown as well as a variety of stylish buckle designs and slim styles too.

We’ve found the Holy Grail of belts! I don’t even feel like I’m being weirdly dramatic there.  I’ve never seen my husband this excited about an accessory… he’s even taken to telling others about it which is a rare thing for him to do. Hey KORE, if you need a salesman, I think I have someone you might want to talk to. 

So to sum it up, if you’re looking for a great belt for the man in your life (even if that happens to be you), this is one you will definitely want to check out. It has everything you could want in a dress or casual belt. It would also make an awesome gift for Father’s Day. It’s like giving Dad a hug all day long. It would even be great as a graduation present. What better way to start off the job hunt than with a great belt?

Pros: Awesome Trakline feature makes the belt easy to adjust. Tiny increments allow for a truly custom fit. Quality leather belt and stainless steel buckle made to last. Great value.

Cons: As their hilarious directions point out, there is a risk of getting yourself in trouble when you start walking around saying “You want to see something cool?” as you undo your belt. Proceed with caution. 

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Overall Experience


koreessentialslogoKORE Essentials first launched their Trakline belts in the summer of 2013 thru the crowdfunding site “Kickstarter”, with the simple vision of creating a stylish leather belt for men – that fit better. To them that meant it had to be both functional, fashionable and even a little fun. They wanted to offer a wide variety of Men’s buckle styles appropriate for dress, work, casual, and even play days.  Their full-grain leather belts are now available in a myriad of classic colors, including black, brown, tan, gray and white.

This is the EUREKA solid stainless steel buckle face. The belt is Full-Grain leather, the outermost part of the cowhide and the best available grade (XL belts are Genuine Leather due to the length). Full-Grain leather actually improves with age, conforming to your personal shape. ($59.95 for the buckle and single belt)

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