Let me introduce you to Caty and Xander‘s twins. On the left is their daughter Cara and on the right is their son Finley. They were named after Ty stuffies that my real life son Xander had just received. It was quite a surprise for twins to appear. I have played Sims 1, 2, 3, and 4 and this is the first time my Sims had twins without me using cheats or the tricks to increase the chance of twins. It was pretty exciting. 🙂

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It’s probably no surprise, but life with twins can be hectic. Poor Caty and Xander were constantly on the go and forever exhausted! There was always a diaper to be changed or a mouth to be fed. They became toddlers in what seemed like a blink of an eye, which just meant even more challenges. They needed to be taught to talk, walk, and use the potty. It’s a difficult task with just one, but double the trouble with two!

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In the midst of it all, Xander and Caty both somehow managed to pursue their dreams and began to excel in their chosen careers. Xander’s job still allowed him to be home most nights to help the kids with homework and play games. Caty’s job as a musician kept her out many nights, but it was through her success that they were able to move to one of the largest apartments in the city. Xander had his parents move into their own wing so they could be near the twins. They were living the life… complete with their own maid, nanny, and butler!

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But, alas, money that comes easily can also be easily lost. Caty got burned out from her highly stressful career and she missed the kids. She gave up her career… and the perks that went with it… and once again the whole family moved to a cozy cottage in a small town. They were able to spend quality time as an extended family. Caty continued to write songs and jingles to supplement the family income, but she never regretted giving up the fame. Xander went on to max out his cooking, baking, and gourmet skills and reached the top of the culinary career. One thing’s for sure, the food was always good at home and there was plenty of singing and laughter!

Credit: http://tyrneathem.com

Their story doesn’t end here! Come back soon for more in the epic tale of the Bang family. Catch up on past sim stories and meet our Rags to Riches family while you wait!



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