There was a time when crafters had to do everything by hand. Then, practical and helpful tools appeared, making it easier to bake a delicious cake or to build an awesome birdhouse. But since the digital revolution, digital and computing technologies are now used to make the life of millions of craft enthusiasts even more integrated to their digital world than anything before. Some can create and publish their art online in a matter of seconds with just a tablet and the click of the mouse! So let’s have a look at how digital is enabling crafters to go further and get more creative without having to get dirty!


Do You Fancy Yourself A Painter? Get Your Digital Pen At The Ready

While this is not completely new, as many professional graphic designers have been using digital technology throughout the past decades, the 21st century really gives your average Joe the power of drawing with semi-professional tools. Tablet drawing is now accessible to all, kids and adults, as long as they have the right digital pen and the proper app. Of course, if you have children, do make it sure that they fully make the difference between the digital pen that comes with a touch-sensitive area and the normal pens; otherwise, your tablet might end up covered in permanent marker portraits! This technology, usually reserved for graphic designers, is affordable for all and gives you the guarantee of fun, quick and easy illustrations. This is ideal for bloggers or amateur illustrators who wish to share their art online! You will be able to store your drawings via the app and to upload them to your website or your favorite social media platform. Drawing has never been that easy!

Sewing And Knitting Like A Professional

Computerized sewing and knitting machines are not new in the industry. But the technology has evolved in such dramatic ways that such machines are now available for the individual crafter. Naturally, they are a lot smaller than what you would find in professional companies, but the quality of the work is just as high! You can find a great example of a semi-professional sewing and embroidery machine here,

Computerized machines are suitable for sewing or knitting enthusiasts and semi-professionals, such as craft freelancers. Not only do they make the work go a lot faster and clearer, but you don’t need to create new patterns. All you have to do now is to select your sewing or knitting pattern online and to download it to the machine. Beware, though: While this is ideal for those who know how to sew and knit, it is not recommended to use a computerized machine as a beginner. You need to know what you are doing before you can let the digital intelligence take over!


For Craft Inventors And Modern Sculptors

3D printers are a revolution in the world of inventors, whether they are working in a scientific context, such as surgeons or engineers, or whether they are just creators of ideas. Naturally, while full-size printers can be too expensive for the household – this is just a matter a time before they become affordable – 3D pens, like, can enable you to give life to your doodles in real time! These are suitable for children and adults, amateur illustrators to professional artists. So, there’s no reason to wait any longer! Get one!

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