Most everyone in society today understands the importance of eating healthy, but this is much easier said than done. With the myriad of choices in front of us, it is simply difficult to reach for a healthier alternative. Combine that with the high cost and limited access that many individuals have to healthy food, this shift in eating habits has been hard to come by for many. This is where HamptonCreek has entered into the scene with a vengeance.


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Healthy Food Now Made Accessible

One of the problems typically associated with eating healthy is finding a quality and low cost source of such items. One either needs to have access to a stand alone health food store in their area, or they are relegated to one or small obscure aisle in the local market. Such items are not only more expensive, but they typically lack the flavor and substance that most people have come to expect from their meals. One way to overcome this is to offer quality products in mainstream markets that everyone around the country has access to.

Target and WalMart have worked to capitalize on this concept. With a line of products now being offered by this health food company, these two mega chains are supporting the cause of healthy food alternatives. By offering such traditional junk food items as brownie, muffin, and cookie mixes, consumers are able to satisfy their cravings with alternatives that taste good. This is accomplished while maintaining a healthier perspective as well.


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New Products Are Coming

Consumers have long noticed that they can supplement part of their meal plan with healthy choices, while other aspects of such a diet elude them. Take salads for example. We know that greens are good for us, yet to flavor them up typically has required a high calorie dressing that defeats the purpose. Yes, there have been low calories options offered for years, but these often lack the taste or are rumored to be bad for us in other ways. The new salad dressing being distributed to Target and WalMart, however, take both of these factors into account. Shoppers can now create a tasty salad, garnished with their favorite dressing, and enjoy the added benefit of it being low in calories and good for you. It is a win-win situation that is attracting hoards of new people to the healthy eating craze sweeping the nation.

In fact, there are now a total of forty-three new healthy food items being rolled out by this company based in San Francisco. In addition to tasty breakfast items such as pancakes and muffins, this includes condiments like mayonnaise and wonderful desert items. By making these items available in major retailers, the anticipation is that an entirely new distribution network will open up. Individuals who have never been exposed to health food items in their local grocery store will begin to give these products a try. It is quite likely that a revolution of sorts will take place where the eating habits of many people will be transformed over time.

Items Available Now

After years of consumer testing, these products are now available nationwide. There is no more waiting for the items to arrive in a town near you. The ‘Just’ brand is transforming the way that health food is marketed. These products are no longer being relegated to a back shelf in some obscure part of the store. They are sold right along the less healthy varieties that have been sold for years. The prices are competitive, meaning that skeptical consumers may find it worth their while to try out a product or two before truly becoming convinced. The taste is comparable, at a fraction of the calories, so many are finding this the way to go.

The products that are being marketed are all natural. This is important, as many health conscious consumers have become concerned with the synthetic ingredients used in many of the health and diet products on the market today. By moving towards all natural products that taste good and are affordable, health food can be brought into the mainstream.

Eating healthy does not need to involve rice cakes and tofu. The new generation of health food products will not only taste good, but be in vogue as well. This starts with major retailers investing in the concept and marketing them right alongside the big boys. When this happens, America will return to a healthier people from a food and nutrition perspective. That is the goal.

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