Being healthy is always linked to eating well and working out. It’s simple science that if you burn more calories than you consume, you will have a successful weight loss. Add in some colorful foods and your insides will be able to function correctly and you’ll feel lighter and happier. Being healthy all over is more than just food and there are ways to keep your body feeling healthy and happy without just overeating on the carrots.



Reducing your screen time is going to improve your health dramatically. Tablets and smartphones and even laptops have a blue screen that tricks our brains into thinking it’s daylight, thus keeping us awake every night for longer than we should be. Leaving technology out of the bedroom is the only way to keep a healthy sleep environment, allowing our bodies to repair and recharge effectively.


Going off the above, your sleep is so important. When you have a new baby, for example, your sleep is severely lacking and boy, do you feel it! You walk around feeling like a zombie because you are truly unrested and your body hasn’t had time to charge up. Much like not plugging your phone in to charge it, your body reacts the same. Making sure the place you sleep is set up properly with beds from can mean your spine and joints are well supported as you recharge. This then means you won’t wake with those aches and pains that are fairly common after a long day of work!


You don’t have to be a gym bunny to get healthy, but you do need to get your heart rate up. Your heart is a muscle just like everything else on your body and if you don’t work out that muscle, you will find it wastes away. We have the ability to harbor a thick layer of fat around our hearts, so if you are consuming food that isn’t good for you, you’ll be adding to the strain. Going for brisk walks, doing high-intensity interval workouts for twenty minutes a day, or simply going for a swim can get your heart working. Keeping your heart healthy improves your fitness levels drastically so making sure that you work your body enough to do that will keep your mood up and stress levels down.


Vitamins can be found in food easily, but if you don’t take supplements to help and your diet is poor, you can find yourself suffering. Cod liver oil for joint health, vitamin D and C for mood and brain health and so on. There is a whole medley of supplements that you can take to add to your diet to help your brain and joints. Bone support, especially as we get older, is important to keep our bodies upright and less achy. Doing what you can to avoid issues later on is going to help your overall quality of life.

Keeping your body healthy is easy when you know how!

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