Whether it’s the call from a stranger telling you that your old mother fell in the street and broke her hip, or you find yourself having to repeat the same answer over and over again because your old dad fails to remember that he’s already asked, there’s no nice way to find out that your older relatives are not what they used to be anymore. Age leaves damages on the body and on the mind, and one day you find that your elderly parents can’t cope anymore the way they used to. Unfortunately, more and more seniors fail to realize that they need help. So it’s your job to make them aware and to organize for the support they need if they can’t do it themselves. Here are the main things that you need to care about when you are planning the health care of a senior.

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Accept That The Situation Has Changed

Your first task is the most difficult one of all: You need to accept that your older relatives have changed. As simple as it sounds, many families try to ignore the situation for as long as they can. It is often easier to ignore than to embrace reality and accept the new challenges. Don’t decide on your own, though, a medical examination will be essential in defining the level of elder care that is needed for your relative. There are varying stages of care, from companionship services for solitary seniors who are on the verge of isolement to personal care to help with washing and getting dressed. If you find that this is something simple, you can even choose to become a carer for your relative and ensure that they receive the care they need every day.

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Change The Home

Whether you choose to take your elderly relative at home with you or whether they prefer to continue to live in their own house, you need to add new structural elements to the home to make sure that this is the perfect family home for your relative. For a start, you should make sure that the house is still up-to-date with all the latest safety and security technology, from smoke alarms to burglar alarms. The proximity of all facilities, including a medical surgery, is an essential factor too. But more importantly, seniors need appliances that can help them in their everyday lives. A stair lift is an essential addition for those who have an upstairs area. You should also look to change their bathroom for a large shower area with sitting equipment. This can be a great help for older adults in maintaining a certain level of independence.

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Focus On Health

Last, but not least, is to look after your elderly relative’s health. Making sure that they eat every day is a simple enough thing, but it’s often overlooked: A large portion of old people in the USA are suffering from malnutrition. If you choose to become a carer, it will be easier for you to make sure that they have healthy meals daily with all the necessary vitamins and minerals that the body needs. Similarly, if your elderly relative is still mobile, it’s always a good idea to plan a walk outside: Keeping active is the best way to ensure that the body can remain strong in old age.

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