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Details: With a mission in mind to find creative new uses for materials originally made for other purposes, Maggie Bags created a line of amazing handbags made using genuine automotive seat belt webbing.  The majority of their handbags are made from webbing rejected by automotive manufacturers. they also use a simple cut-and-sew operation designed to eliminate waste… always trying their best to do their part for the environment.

Maggie Bags consists of a collection of stylish handbags and totes for every occasion… some even guys would enjoy. They also offer wallets, cosmetic bags, and keychains. You can even accessorize your favorite outfit with a seatbelt belt!


Personal Experience: I have reviewed a few bags now for Maggie Bags and even after my latest delivery I can continue to say that I am never disappointed. They recently released a new selection of colors for their Campus Tote line and I had the opportunity to review one. I chose Fire… a gradient of red shades. They also now have a blue version called Highlands. If you are more interested in a striped pattern, the black and white Tuxedo may be your style. A more classic solid base with contrasting strap and bottom can be found in the Avenue and Derby color options. Avenue is black and blue while the Derby is a tan and aqua combination. Are they not completely gorgeous?!

The New Collection of Great Colors

The New Collection of Great Colors

All of the great quality that I’ve come to expect from Maggie Bags is there: even stitching, strong hardware, and the quality repurposed seatbelts that make these bags chic and “green.” All the little details, like the gently ergonomic zipper pull, the metal “feet” under the bag, the reinforced opening of the inner zippered pocket, and the narrowing of the shoulder strap at the top add up to a bag that has obviously been carefully designed.


Just a Few of the Great Features

It still amazes me that such a stylish bag can be so sturdy! These Campus Totes (actually, all of the Maggie Bags) are the powerhouse of the handbag world. I’m a mom… my bags get brutalized. They serve as diaper bag, luggage, picnic basket, knitting bag, lunch sack, beach tote, laptop bag, and whatever else I need them to do. I now own five of their bags; two of which are the Campus Totes. They truly have become a part of my everyday life over the past year and not a single one has experienced so much as a snag, tear, or stuck zipper. They even wash well, which is always an important factor for the busy mom.

Just a glimpse into my Campus Tote. I have a knitting project, small notebook, wallet, keys, lotion, lipgloss, spare headphones, 3 Pull-Ups, package of baby wipes, and a complete change of size 3T clothing in there… and room to spare.


Take a Peek… If You Dare!

These bags are not just for busy moms either. I’m discovering just how wide of an appeal that they have. My 12-year-old niece told me she would really, really, really love to have a LeConte Messenger. You know the third “really” makes it true, right? 🙂 My mom has told me that the Tote of Many Colors would make a great Christmas gift. *hint, hint… wink, wink*  Complete strangers of every age, from teens to grandmothers, have gone out of their way to ask me where I got my bag. There’s no doubt to me that any of the Maggie Bags would make a great gift for several very lucky people on your holiday gift list.

Pros: It makes use of recycled seat belts to create a beautiful, stylish, sturdy, and versatile bag. Some of the designs could even be considered unisex. Fantastic construction. Prices are comparable to other bags of this quality. The new colors are eye-catching and would all fit into the wardrobe of today’s woman.

Cons: I still can’t find a negative… I completely love this bag!

Overall Rating


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