Details: Words to Sweat By™ officially launched in 2010 with the intention of helping people, no matter their size, “exercise your funny bone along with the rest of you” by creating fun and affordable motivational health and fitness products. What began with a line of one-size-fits-all sassy or serious mantra workout towels has grown to include mantra t-shirts, hand stamped jewelry, and organic cotton infinity scarves. All Words to Sweat by products are designed and developed by Dana Lardner and made in the USA. The majority of the product line is handmade in Dana’s studio in San Jose, CA.

Personal Experience: Dana provided me with a very generous selection of offerings from Words to Sweat By™ for the purpose of this review. The small jewelry items within the package were tucked into adorable little pouches that are stamped with the  Words to Sweat By™ logo. I thought it was a sweet touch.


I first opened the pouch with the “No Excuse” necklace I had chosen. After much deliberation on my part… there are so many great motivational messages… I finally settled on the “No Excuse” necklace. I thought this one would best suit me, because I often get sidetracked by everyday life and put off workouts until late in the day. Plus, I really loved the little dumbbell charm! (You can choose from four different colors.)

It was even more cute in person. That little dumbbell is a very solid bead and it’s also nice and smooth, so it doesn’t rub on the skin. (Yep, I have had issues in the past with charms on other necklaces leaving scratches on my chest as I wore them!) The stamping of the charm is deep, clear, and neatly done. I liked the addition of my initial to really make it unique to me. You can buy these letter charms as an addition. The chain is a basic ball chain and comes in sizes 18″, 22″, or 24″. I would like to see a more standard silver necklace as an optional upgrade.

Wearing it was nice. The charms create a slight jingle as you move, which served as a gentle reminder to me throughout the day to focus on my goals. The dumbbell charm makes it a heavier-weight necklace, but nothing that will disrupt your everyday activities. I even wore it when I was working out… seemed like an appropriate time to really rock my motivational necklace. 🙂


The “Just Move” bracelet was the next item I opened. I guess I hadn’t read the description carefully, because I was a bit surprised to find that the black jersey strap and the charm strap were awaiting construction. They come as you see in the pictured above. You have to wrap the jersey around your wrist and then place the charm piece over the top. It took a few attempts before I was consistently getting a look I liked. I think I would have liked more of a bar-type closure like this, but the separate pieces give you the opportunity to wear the charm on its own as well.

Overall, it is comfortable to wear and has the same high-quality stamping as in the other pieces. It also provided motivation throughout my day… it caught my attention more readily than the necklace. I could see having two of these… one for each wrist… to serve as wristbands when lifting weights. You can get the jersey wrap in several colors

The “No Excuses” mantra towel was up next. It was very carefully wrapped in a mesh bag worthy of gift-giving. The mantra is printed on a swatch of soft fabric that is then firmly stitched to the towel. The printing is bold and clear… a great reminder mid-workout to keep on pushing. I was surprised by the generous size of the towel. It is larger than other gym towels I have purchased, but small enough to work very well for its intended purpose. Thick and soft like a towel should be! It held up well to washing, but  would recommend several to put them in rotation and save yourself some repeated laundry.


I also received a “No Excuse” keychain. Taking my reminders on the go with me! Am I the only one just loving all these great fitness charms? The dumbbell charm here is also great. It adds a little interest to your keychain without being so bulky that it adds even more to your overloaded keychain. Would also be great for keeping your gym keys separate.

I am very happy with my collection of motivational items! I can’t wait to add more… especially one of these running distance necklaces to show off an accomplishment!

The “No Excuse” necklace with dumbbell charm sells for $18.99. The “Just Move” bracelet sells for $11.99. The mantra workout towel sells for $10.95. The “No Excuse” keychain sells for $14.50.  Words to Sweat By™ sells a large variety of other necklace, bracelet, keychain, and mantra towel designs. They also sell t-shirts, tank tops, scarves, and wine charms. A huge variety of motivational gifts for those on your gift list that are all about fitness. (Don’t forget to treat yourself, too!)

Pros: Simple, beautiful, well-made jewelry and other gear to give you gentle reminders to stick to your goals throughout your day. Clear, neat stamping. Clever packaging makes all items ready to give. Great prices for gift giving and treating yourself.

Cons: I found the strap of jersey in the bracelet to be a bit fiddly, but I liked the look once I got it right.

Overall Rating


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