Details: If you are looking for a quality bean bag chair, then you’ve come to the right place!

The Bean Bag Chair Outlet’s removable cover bean bag chairs are unique. They come with an inner liner which holds the beads. Since the filling is held within the liner the cover itself can be taken off with ease and washed in case of accidents. Their bean bag store is one-of-a-kind with well-made, high quality, durable bean bags.

The non-removable bean bag chair section of their site offers bean bag furniture that does not have the option of removing the cover. These bean bag chairs can be refilled. These chairs are the classic beanbags that started it all. They are available in a wide array of colors and fabrics.

The Royal Sack™ is a bean bag-like chair filled with foam. They’re offered in Small, Large and X-Large. The small size is good for children 7 years old and under. The large size better suits kids 8 years old and up. The X-large giant bean bag chair is for anyone that likes oversized chairs. These chairs are great for larger adults or for seating couples.

Personal Experience: I was provided with a large Royal Sack with my choice of cover for the purpose of this review. I went with the Blue Flames design. When the package arrived at my doorstep, I thought I was going to be disappointed in the size of the sack. I wasn’t prepared for just how much bag could be crammed into a box!

As I cut the bands holding the box together, it began to expand upward out of the box. It almost reminded me of the snake in a can gag. Inside the box, the base bag and the cover were individually wrapped. The Royal Sack was so tightly compressed into the box that I had to cut the box apart to get the sack out. The moment it was released from the box, it really started to achieve its true size.

It took some wrestling, some sweating, and a few choice words to get the cover onto the Royal Sack… but moments after I zipped the cover closed it was already in use as Xander’s new reading spot.


One great feature I noticed when zipping up the bag was that the zipper tucks away under a patch on the side. This will be a great way to foil the plans of a curious toddler and it also keeps the zipper pull from snagging on anything as you move the sack around. I also noticed that the inner bag also has a zipper. You can buy refill packs from The Bean Bag Chair Outlet to re-stuff your bean bag chairs. Cool, right?

The Large Royal sack is very large. None of the pictures I’ve taken seem to convey that very well. My son is 3 feet tall. My husband is 6’1″ tall. If you look at the pictures above and below, this information may help to give you an idea of its size.

The Royal Sack quickly found its way into our everyday life. Everyone… human and feline… has made use of it. It’s a comfortable place to nest and read a book. Both cats and kid have used it for afternoon naps. Nana and Xander have used it to watch cartoons together. My husband likes to use it in front of the TV for video game sessions. I’m even writing this very post from the comfort of the Royal Sack!


Despite the heavy use it has already received, I have not noticed any softening of the filling. The foam pieces that fill the Royal Sack appear to be similar to what you would find in couch cushions. We have a three-year-old in the process of potty training, so it’s probably no surprise that we had a few spills and accidents and needed to do some washing. The cover washed beautifully… I’d swear it looked newer after a tumble through our washer and dryer! It was much easier to get the cover back on the second time. Guess it helped to have some practice. 😉 Add in the ability to purchase refill packs and new covers and our chair should last for quite some time!

The Large Royal Sack begins at $134.99. The chair that I received would sell for $174.99. It would make a wonderful gift for kids and teens. A great addition to rec rooms, family rooms, kids’ bedrooms, and dorm rooms. You may even be surprised how much the adults use it!

Pros: Impressive size. Comfortable, firm, long-lasting foam filling. Removable and washable covers.

Cons: Ummm… it’s really huge! This is not so much a con if you have plenty of space, but be sure to choose your size carefully. When compared to the typical price of a bean bag chair, the prices are high… but keep in mind that these are not your typical bean bag chairs.

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Overall Rating


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