Details: The Ann & Hope – Curtain & Bath Outlet Internet store is the latest extension of one of the pioneers of discount retailing in America. In 1953, Irwin Chase and his father, Martin, opened their first store in an old textile mill in Cumberland, Rhode Island. The building and store were named after a ship, the Ann and Hope, which was lost at sea off of Block Island, Rhode Island in 1806.

The Company was built on the philosophy of buying large volumes of merchandise, and selling it at a discount. Since Ann and Hope’s prices were very low, they had to have low operating expenses. As a result, the Chases implemented several innovations. One of those changes was the use of central checkouts that are now commonly found in most discount stores. Another was the use of shopping carts in a discount store setting.

Today, the second and third generations of Ann and Hope’s founders operate 12 Curtain & Bath stores in 3 New England states. In addition to these stores the company runs other concepts such as Dollar Outlet and the Garden Outlet. While you may no longer be able to buy everything from food to stereos to sporting goods under one roof, each store has an outstanding selection of products at prices that are the lowest you will find anywhere. Some things never change!

Personal Experience: Curtain & Bath Outlet gave me the opportunity to choose curtains for my home. Our living room and dining room have a unique layout… the wall with windows is one solid wall, yet another wall cuts in between the rooms to separate them. For this reason, we tend to choose the same style of curtain for both rooms. In an effort to keep them distinct from each other, we went with one color for the living room and another for the dining room. It can sometimes be difficult to find curtains we like in a variety of colors. At Curtain & Bath Outlet, I found several styles that I liked. After much debate and seeking out the input of others, I decided on the Whitfield Jacquard Curtains. I chose the Wine color for the living room and the Latte for the dining room.

My panels and valances arrived very quickly and were carefully protected under crumpled paper filler. Each panel and valance was individually-packaged in the same zippered sleeve-type manner it would be found in-store.


The curtains are a heavy-weight polyester. They were thicker than I expected, which is a good thing… we like our curtains to block light and provide some insulation over the windows when closed. They have the heft of a quality curtain. There is a leaf pattern in the fabric created by using shiny and dull threads of the same color. The design is much more obvious on the Latte color than it is on the Wine. At night, when a hint of light reaches them from our tree, the leaves on the Latte almost appear to glow.


The edges of the panels are neatly pressed and stitched. I was impressed that all of the trim was so perfectly even. I don’t normally see such quality at this price point. The self-corded edges of the valances are also as neatly done. I like the classic look of the gentle scallop cut on the valances, as well.

The rod pockets are generously-sized and it was very simple to get the panels and valances onto our rods. I normally deal with at least one or two panels catching as the rod slides through, but not a single one of the twelve I installed (six panels and six valances) did this. It was far more trouble for us to install the new curtain rods! Lord Tyrneathem is still grumbling, but even he had to admit that it was worth it.

The view from our living room…


From the dining room…


And a closer look at each…


These pictures just don’t do the Whitfield Jacquard Curtains any justice! I guess you just have to take my word that they look even better in person. Our awful yellow walls certainly don’t help either… next DIY project on our list!

I’m still in shock that these panels regularly sell for only $15.99 a piece and valances for $9.99 each! The curtains that we replaced cost me over $20 per panel and they looked more like dorm room decor. It is amazing how much of a difference the right curtains can make in a space! It’s nice to know that those of us with huge windows can still cover our windows in style without breaking the bank.

We just recently replaced the curtains in our bedrooms, but I have already been eyeing up a few potential purchases at Curtain and Bath Outlet. Their prices are so insanely awesome! I want to add finishing touches on our bathroom. The Taymor Sunglow towel bars and towel ring would be useful and a perfect fit to our style. I’d love the Taymor Urban Modern Vanity Bench to give us some much-needed seating in the bathroom, too. They also have rugs and our living room could really use a new one. I’m particularly drawn to the Natco New Radiance Collection Hareford rug and I can’t believe it’s currently only $224.99 for the 7’10″x10’10”!


Use the promo code TyrneathemSave10 to take 10% off your order!

The code must be entered exactly as shown and will not cover any applicable sales tax or shipping and handling charges it is for 10% off the product total only. Valid: 12/5/13 through 1/16/14

Pros: Really great prices for amazing quality. Great selection for all rooms in your home… even outdoors.

Cons: My only complaint is one common to all curtains… I hate steaming out those wrinkles!

Overall Rating


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