printcopialogoDetails: They are visual people, and so are you. Photos and snapshots mean a lot to them. That’s why they created Printcopia.

If you’re looking for a way to transform your photos into stunning pieces of art to display and share (and maybe show off a little), Printcopia is the one-stop resource for you. At Printcopia, you can turn your photos into eye-catching wall art with a variety of printing materials and options to choose from including gallery-quality canvas, sleek acrylic, and glorious panoramic printing.

Personal Experience: I received a complimentary print in exchange for this review. I always love when a company gives me the opportunity to experience the entire ordering process… especially with customized products like photo prints.

The ordering process is very simple. First you choose your print size and depth. (Don’t worry, you can change this later if you change your mind.) You can upload a photo from your computer or import from Facebook or Instagram. For the screenshots below, I pulled a goofy photo of me and my guys from Instagram. It was very quick process to authorize Instagram and get started.


You can see above that Printcopia keeps a running total of your order based on customization that you make. Most of the options will not change the price, but it’s nice to have that tally readily available. They also have a nifty image quality guide down below that will help keep you from choosing a poor quality image for printing.

You can adjust the size of the photo on the canvas with a simple slider. By clicking on the image itself, you can move it around on the canvas to set what part of the image you want printed.


You next have the chance to set how your canvas is wrapped. With an Instagram image like this one, it kept adjusting my image cropping when I used the mirror image or image wrap… there was no extra image to wrap with… so I set it to a solid color border. I think this is my personal preference unless I was printing a landscape.

Next is the opportunity to add coloration or image enhancements to the photo. I personally think the cost of these options are quite ridiculous. I could do the basic edits myself in a free photo editing program prior to uploading. I might pay if I felt my photo needed major professional retouching… but $100 still seems quite steep. The rest of the process is pretty standard checkout stuff.


My husband and I chose to print a favorite photo of our son. The canvas arrived packaged in a large shallow box. Inside the box, it was protected with a padding of plastic and also wrapped in plastic. There was a pretty strong paint-like smell, but it dissipated quickly.


The printing itself was more saturated than I expected when viewed up close, but once the canvas was hanging on the wall and viewed a step back it looked exactly as expected. The printing is so clear that he looks ready to leap right off the wall!

My only complaint with the actual product is not actually visible once it’s hung. The canvas back looks as though it was stapled to the frame in a hurry. It’s crooked and messy… leaving the back uneven. Luckily, it has stayed hanging relatively flat to the wall and you can’t see the wrinkled canvas.

I would order from Printcopia again. In fact, we’ve begun to create a gallery of family photos that I can’t wait to add to!


Canvases are a great gift for grandparents, parents, aunts, and uncles… to name a few. Having beautiful portraits of your family around you really makes a house feel like home and Printcopia gives you a wonderful way to start building that gallery!

Pros: Beautiful, vibrant prints on canvas with multiple customization options. Numerous canvas sizes available, including custom sizes. Fast shipping and careful packaging. Great coupon deals really drop the cost!

Cons: Editing is very costly. Canvases are priced quite high, but in the time I’ve known of Printcopia I have seen numerous specials that drastically reduced the cost.

Overall Rating


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