Details: Red cups are an international sign of people having a good time. Red Cup Living’s mission is to inspire others to get together with friends, family and neighbors to create good times and great memories. There’s no better way to do that than sharing a red cup and conversation. Do you have a tight-knit neighborhood? Regardless of your answer, Red Cup Living hopes to ignite patio parties across America and challenge each person to raise a red cup and connect.

Personal Experience: I had the opportunity to choose from the unique products at Red Cup Living for the purpose of this review. I chose to get four of the 32-ounce Icon XL cups with lids and straws.

It is rare that I am surprised by a product, but these cups did just that. Just picking up the cups instantly let me know that they were much better quality than I had anticipated.

The cup is made of solid double wall ABS plastic. It’s hefty, but not uncomfortably so… you won’t tip these over with a breeze, but they are light enough to carry about at a party or BBQ. The double wall construction also keeps your drinks much colder for much longer.


The white straw is a pretty typical of reusable cups. The clear straw is thick and sturdy… you’d have to put actual effort into breaking it. I personally favor the clear straws, while my husband and son like the bendable white straws best.

The lids are thicker than I expected and lock onto the cup quite securely. The sliding mechanism over the opening was pretty tough to move the first several uses, but it loosened up some as it was used. When the Prince (who is 3) tipped his cup over, the lid held well enough that it didn’t come off and there was less leakage around the straw opening than I expected.

The Red Cups are dishwasher safe, which is always a big plus to me… but this leads to one of my two minor issues with the cups. You see that black label on the cup in the photo above? It appeared to be glued on so well that I thought it would survive washing, but it didn’t. The labels partially peeled off after just one trip through the dishwasher. Even after several runs through the dishwasher and soaks in the sink, I still have a sticky residue left where the label once was. (Anyone have any food-safe tips for goo removal?) I would have preferred an easily removable label.

My other small issue was stackability. They do stack, but they don’t really nest into each other. They can take up a lot of space to store.

Overall, I love these cups. They are durable, functional, reusable, and quirky! Red Cup Living is not limited to these basic cups, either. They offer cocktail, wine, and margarita cups or you can sip your drink from a Red Cup-style mug. Shooters, bottle openers, coasters, and apparel round out this line. These products would make great gifts for may people on your holiday gift list… don’t forget to pick up some for your next gathering!

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Pros: Clever and functional. It’s reusable… a much more eco-friendly version of its disposable counterpart. Break-resistant, solid double wall ABS plastic. BPA & Phthalates free, FDA approved. Dishwasher safe.

Cons: The label doesn’t come off easily. The cups would benefit from better nesting ability.

Overall Rating


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