I received the following free or discounted in the hopes that I would share my honest opinion.

I had come across Woodsnap when a fellow blogger shared her creation to Facebook, so I was thrilled when Woodsnap gave me the chance to work with them as well. I love unique photo gifts and having a photo printed on wood fit the bill. I was given a complimentary 11″x14″ print of one of my photos to do this review.

I didn’t go through the actual ordering process for ordering my own print, but I did go through a practice ordering session to let you know how it works. You begin by choosing a print size. Next you upload a photo or select a photo from Facebook or Instagram. (You can also email an image.) Once your photo is uploaded, you have an impressive array of options to edit your photo… from basic color and crop edits to adding frames and text. For a reasonable fee, you can have them do touch-ups and photo fixes. Add to your cart and sit back to wait for your creation!

In no time at all, my print arrived. It was well-protected within the box… wrapped in bubble wrap with protective cardboard corners. They included a wooden stand and the hardware for hanging. They also had Woodsnap stickers and instruction for hanging. It seems as every detail was well thought out.


The actual printing is really great! I am still surprised by the clarity they can achieve when printing on wood while still allowing the wood grain to come through. To give a comparison, it is a slightly duller finish than a typical photo paper print and it appears to be very slightly yellowed in tone. The printing goes right to the edge. It bled over the edge slightly… especially in the darker area around my husband’s tux… but it didn’t take away from the overall look.


In the photo above you can see our print on the stand. Though it doesn’t look like much, that little block of wood is quite sturdy. It extends outward behind the print creating an easel. Hanging it is also quite simple. There is a slot cut-out on the back side that allows for hanging in either orientation. They include two screws, two anchors, and hanging instructions…  so your picture will definitely be there as long as you want it to be.

The piece is printed on ¾” thick ply birch wood, so it is very solid and shouldn’t be prone to warping. It’s actually moisture resistant. The ink is ingrained into the wood, so you can actually clean it, scrub it with water, or even a bleach cleaner spray!

Overall, I would recommend a Woodsnap print. It would make a great gift for many occasions… including, but not limited to the holidays. As you could see above, we used it for our wedding photo. Imagine how lovely an anniversary gift this would be! It would also be fun for creating gifts of your children’s photos to give to grandparents. Or, immortalize favored photos of landscapes take on vacations or great shots of a pampered pet. They print many common sizes and also do custom size ranging from 8″x8″ to 36”x44”. The options are only as limited as your imagination and 300 dpi. 😉

Be sure to follow Woodsnap on all of their social networks (links below) for a wide variety of awesome promos and giveaways. They often have big giveaways and promotions on their Facebook page, ranging from a $100 gift card to a 9 piece collage set to a DSLR camera. They offer daily coupon codes up to 50% off on their twitter account. (Only for the first 10 customers who use the code every day). They also offer exclusive Instagram giveaways.

Use the code JTBGC25 to get 25% off your order!

Pros: Beautiful, full-color prints on hefty birch wood. Wood grain shows through without distracting from the photo. Large variety of photo edits and touch-ups available. Can be printed on numerous sizes, including custom dimensions.

Cons: My only con, and it’s a very minor one, would be a wish for a more finished edge… perhaps an option to add a felted trim to the outer edge or frame the piece in some way… because the unframed style may not suit all decors.

Overall Rating


WoodSnap has a passion for printing your favorite memories directly on wood. They are inspired by their customers’ designs and aim to provide them with the most unique, personal and stylish work of art that they possibly can.

WoodSnap is not a printing broker website. They are not a third-party company who collects bids online and then hires random print companies to fulfill orders. They print everything in-house. They are a leader in web technology and custom made-to-order wood canvases.

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